Zendesk adds generative AI capabilities to its CX offerings

Bangalore: Zendesk has added generative AI capabilities to its customer experience (CX) offerings. The company said its generative AI capabilities will allow companies to realise immediate business value through improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased customer loyalty.

The new generative AI customer experience (CX) offerings include Zendesk AI and Advance Data Privacy and Protection.

With Zendesk AI companies can now deploy generative AI-backed bots that quickly and seamlessly supply answers to customers. Additionally, agents, admins and managers now have more AI tools to customise and enhance their CX solutions.

This new offering comes with an AI for Voice feature that offers agents the option to receive AI-generated conversation summaries and transcripts. This feature helps to capture customer sentiment and increases productivity as well as reduces costs.

With Advanced Data Privacy and Protection businesses now have access to advanced safeguards and controls to manage customer data and ensure that generative AI is safely and securely deployed.

“Zendesk is the best partner for businesses during this transformative time. We bring a powerful combination of deep CX and AI experience to provide capabilities that allow CX teams to be more efficient and empathetic. This improves customer and employee satisfaction and delivers cost efficiencies and revenue growth,” said Tom Eggemeier, CEO of Zendesk.

New generative AI capabilities create authentic conversations

According to the 2023 Zendesk CX Trends report, nearly 70% of consumers expect most companies will use generative AI to improve their experiences. The new Zendesk generative AI capabilities enable bots to summarize key information from multiple help centre articles for more natural conversations with customers.

With these Zendesk AI enhancements, agents can resolve requests faster and more consistently with contextually similar tickets. Additionally, admins can review AI-provided intent suggestions that address gaps in answers as well as adjust bot tone to be more casual or professional to stay consistent with brand persona.