Review: Renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro

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Mumbai: Is it worth buying a renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro in 2023 or investing in an expensive Apple iPhone 15? Probably, my review of this renewed or refurbished Apple iPhone 11 Pro should help to answer the above question and decide whether to buy it or not.

Recently, I reviewed a 256 GB renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro model, supplied by controlZ — a Gurugram-based startup focusing on increasing the lifecycle of smartphones and reducing their environmental impact.

Renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro

This review is based on my continuous use of the renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro model for over three weeks. Unlike most refurbished smartphones sold online in India, which are shipped either in original or fake iPhone boxes, controlZ shipped the device in a unique environment-friendly recycled paper and cardboard-based box packaging.


The box contained a midnight green colour renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro model and included a 20W controlZ branded (compatible) made in India, a USB-C Type fast charge adapter and a charging cable. Importantly, this phone came with an 18-month valid warranty card with some standard conditions on what it covers and excluded in the warranty period.

USB-C Type
USB-C type fast charge adapter 18-month valid warranty card

Interestingly, the device’s condition was very good like a fresh, new piece with screen protection. The phone’s external edges and backside surface showed no signs of scratches or marks of physical damage. For me, it’s fair to say that the renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro was pretty much intact physically and appeared as a new brand externally.

Original Apple iPhone 11 Pro

After closely checking the specifications of this renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro, I found that the model number started with the letter ‘M‘ — indicating that it was an original piece having an IMEI number and other information.

The phone was running on iOS 17 – the latest software version rolled in June early this year. However, it is recommended to update the operating system (OS) and software on the phone so it has the latest security patches and releases. During the entire software update process this phone turned a bit hot, which is considered normal by Apple.

Since last year Apple has stopped bundling USB power adapters and charging cables with new iPhones. So the customers have to buy them separately. However, this renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro from controlZ included a compatible fast charge adapter with a cable. It took a little over two hours to fully charge the iPhone’s battery.


Importantly, I would like to highlight that the battery was genuine based on the battery health and charging-related information available in this iPhone’s settings.

(Source – Apple)

In case, the battery was replaced with an original Apple battery, then the message “Genuine Apple Part” appears next to the battery in the phone’s Settings. But if it hasn’t been replaced then no such message next to the battery. However, if a fake battery is installed, an “Unknown part” message appears next to the battery. Apple introduced these check features with the release of iOS 15.2 and later versions.

During my phone’s usage over three weeks, I would say that the battery did last for almost an entire day with regular phone calls, a bit of social media apps, music and videos. The battery duration can vary from user to user, depending on many factors such as the phone’s software and battery settings, applications and more.

While using mobile data for a long time compared to a Wi-Fi connection, most mobile phones end up consuming more power and heat up as well. And there’s not much of a difference with iPhones either.

Yes, even this renewed Apple phone turned hot while using some power-hungry apps for a prolonged period which drained its battery. But that’s very normal across iPhone models or for that matter any smartphone available in the market today.

By making some changes in the iPhone’s settings, using its battery management feature and disabling other apps running in the background, one can easily manage and reduce power usage and improve the overall battery performance and health.

Camera and lenses

Apart from the phone’s exterior body, latest software and original battery, the camera with three different lenses – all worked well without any glitches and were in good condition. So far the renewed smartphone hasn’t had any visible or noticeable issues during the three weeks of usage.

Now, coming back to the question that I put forth at the start of this review. Does it make sense to buy or invest in a renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro in 2023 rather than buying an expensive new iPhone 15?

So my honest answer is definitely yes.

For those iPhone fans or even those first-time buyers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on owning the new iPhone 15 or other models launched in recent years, they should consider the option of refurbished or renewed iPhones.

If buying a renewed Apple phone that comes in good condition like any other new iPhone (without a charging unit) is a good deal. And importantly, a renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro that comes with an 18-month warranty then it does the deal sweeter and more attractive for sure.

Secondly, most iPhones can easily last up to five years or more and these handsets will continue to get software updates and security support from the company. And that’s not the case with those affordable (low to mid-range) Andriod phones across brands because software support is provided for not more than 2 or 3 years and it is also limited to certain versions of Andriod operating system.

So I would say, rather than just buying any affordable Andriod smartphone, better go for a refurbished iPhone model by paying a little extra to get a good value for money and use it for a long time.

And now for those wanting to know how much it would cost them to own a renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro model. Depending on the models and variants in terms of storage capacity, the price could vary from Rs 30,000 to Rs 45,000. And that can still be considered as half or one-third of the actual price of brand-new iPhone models launched recently. That makes it a good proposition and deal for iPhone fans.

Overall, I would say that the refurbished or renewed Apple smartphone supplied by controlZ was a genuine device in pretty good condition. So if you are interested in buying used iPhone 11 models, then first visit the controlZ website and check out various deals.


In terms of the overall review of this renewed Apple iPhone 11 Pro, I would give a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars for supplying the original device with a charging unit and an 18-month valid warranty at a very attractive price.