92% of Indian business leaders bank on immersive CX

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Mumbai: Zendesk’s 2023 CX Trends Report reveals that immersive experiences are fast becoming a key differentiator for brands to stay competitive and help ensure customers remain loyal. In fact, 92% of Indian business leaders say optimal CX ( customer experience) is one that’s immersive, according to a new Zendesk report.

61% of customers globally are excited about experiences that are natural, convenient and fluid. Customers are also expecting more from the brands they do business with, and a vast majority of them (80%) say their customer service standards have increased over the past year.

“Customers have high expectations, less patience and more options when it comes to who they do business with,” said Adrian McDermott, CTO of Zendesk.

“This year, our CX Trends shows that this shift in behaviour has prompted leaders to invest in technology that creates an immersive, yet seamless experience. These new standards of customer service are critical to boosting customer acquisition and loyalty, as well as profitability,” added McDermott.

Immersive CX is evolving into the new standard, redefining how companies engage with their customers. Over the last several years, leaders have recognised how this transformation has required an expanded role of CX, prompting them to make major investments to remain competitive and meet elevated customer expectations.

In fact, 92% of Indian business leaders say the optimal customer experience is immersive and integrates naturally into what customers are doing. Roughly three in four of them say CX will be a much more important priority in the next 12 months, to the extent that 79% plan to increase investments into CX technologies in the same time frame.

“Business leaders in India are recognising the power of immersive experiences, particularly during times of economic uncertainty,” said Vasudeva Rao Munnaluri, Regional VP of India and SAARC, Zendesk.

“They’re facing a reality where 4 in 5 customers in India will switch to a competitor after multiple bad experiences. CX is fast emerging as the key to customer retention, and the good news is that 95% of Indian business leaders who have invested in CX technologies are already seeing a positive return on investment,” added Munnaluri.

“Amid tighter budgets and rising costs, CX has the potential to put businesses on a strong growth trajectory, making it extremely important to future-proof any organisation’s customer base.” concluded Munnaluri,

The 2023 Zendesk CX Trends Report consists of data from nearly 3,700 customers and over 4,700 customer service and experience leaders, agents, and technology buyers from 20 countries. Also, Zendesk Benchmark product usage data from nearly 100,000 Zendesk customers worldwide, ranging from small businesses to enterprises.

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