Trend Micro Cloud One available to Azure users

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Bangalore: Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity offering is now available to Azure customers, helping global organisations tackle misconfigurations, compliance challenges and cyber-risks in the cloud. The company said in a statement recently.

Trend Micro also achieved the CIS Microsoft Azure Foundation Security Benchmark. This certifies the Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity product has built-in rules to check for more than 100 best practices in the CIS framework.

“The security of the cloud is a cloud providers’ responsibility, but security in the cloud falls to the customer, which is where we fit,” said Wendy Moore, VP – Product Marketing, Trend Micro.

“Our Cloud One platform integrates closely with Microsoft Azure allowing DevOps to easily deploy against any hybrid cloud environment during their migration to the cloud,” added Moore.

In-house skills are often overloaded with the challenge of managing hybrid cloud complexities. The proliferation of shadow IT projects in the enterprise also means IT functions are often the last to know if cloud accounts have been created by business units without adequate care and attention paid to compliance, security and governance controls.

Conformity tackles these challenges by providing powerful visibility and control of Azure environments. Its continuous cloud security and compliance posture management capabilities alert customers to the risk status and provide easy-to-action remediation recommendations.

These can help prevent common mistakes such as unauthorized database access and public access to Blob storage accounts.

With Conformity API implementation into a CI/CD pipeline and existing workflows, DevOps teams can identify potential risks in their cloud infrastructure. This allows them to check and monitor before they are deployed to live environments and proactively prevent vulnerabilities.

Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity identifies around 230 million cloud misconfigurations for its global Azure and AWS customers every single day.

Trend Micro’s experience securing multi-cloud environments is a key differentiator to many organisations.

“Trend Micro is one of just a few vendors that provides the same full security and monitoring capabilities across both Microsoft Azure and AWS,” said Mario Mendoza, Team Lead, Cyber Security Architecture and Engagement – Blackbaud.

“Blackbaud adheres to a DevOps approach internally, so any shift in security vendors requires buy-in from the DevOps teams. The fact that Trend Micro is able to protect Blackbaud’s hybrid cloud environment without slowing down its DevOps teams was critical in our decision for Trend Micro,” added Mendoza.

Trend Micro helps Blackbaud maintain constant vigilance for security and monitoring across its cloud operations. Trend Micro is always on the cutting edge of new threats, and they include us in those efforts. As a market leader, that’s what we look for in partners,” said Mendoza.
Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity is available on a free trial basis or the individual can conduct complimentary cloud health as well here

(Image source – Trend Micro)

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