Xchanging ransomware attack failed to impact: DXC

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Tysons, USA: Xchanging ransomware attack had minimal impact on customers, DXC said in an update on Thursday.

Following a ransomware attack on its subsidiary Xchanging on July 5 this year, DXC Technology had initiated an incident investigation.

Based on the investigation during the course of three weeks, DXC has confirmed incident “containment” in its update.

And it categorically stated that there was a minimal attack on Xchanging customers with no data loss of DXC or Xchanging customers. Moreover, there was no wider impact on Xchanging or DXC IT estates.

Though Xchanging ransomware attack had a minimal impact, DXC teams worked with affected Xchanging customers in restoring access to their operating environments at the earliest, informed DXC.

Further, DXC has shared Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and other relevant technical information of the incident.

  • The forensic review and investigation has involved appropriate law enforcement and cyber defense authorities and independent cybersecurity firms including Mandiant/FireEye;
  • There were no indications of the previous infection, spread beyond initially impacted Xchanging systems or continued infection by the threat actor;
  • There is currently no evidence that Xchanging, DXC or customer data was compromised or lost; and
  • Along with ongoing systems monitoring, DXC is continuously investing in and enhancing its cyber detection and response capabilities to effectively manage risk and safeguard customer and its IT estates with the continued growth of malicious cybersecurity attacks.

However, DXC has not revealed the actual number of Xchanging customers that experienced the disruption in operations due to the attack.

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