Seclore adds new digital assets, risk insights functionality

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Mumbai: Data-centric security solutions provider Seclore adds new Digital Asset classification and Risk Insight functionality for sensitive digital assets within the enterprise. With the new capabilities, enterprises will have security risk visibility and insights for critical digital assets such as intellectual property (IP) and employees’ personally identifiable information (PII).

“In today’s digital age, data is the lifeblood of businesses. Digital assets, be it IP or PII, are the company’s crown jewels. Yet too many organisations rely on traditional security approaches that rigidly secure perimeters and devices but leave organisations without a clear understanding of who has their data, where it is, and how it’s being used,” said Vishal Gupta, CEO of Seclore.

“Our new Digital Asset Classification and Risk Insights functionalities provide organisations powerful visualisations, detailed logs, and actionable insights so security teams can confidently protect data, no matter where it travels inside or outside the enterprise,” added Gupta.

Seclore adds new digital assets, risk insights functionality

The expanded capabilities enable enterprises to precisely classify, understand, protect, and control their data across any user, device, application or cloud in order to prevent data theft and achieve compliance. Most legacy classification solutions in the market are standalone tools that require users to have separate tools to protect and control digital assets.

Seclore’s new capability, combined with its new risk insights, enables enterprises to simultaneously classify and protect their most sensitive digital assets and visualise where the greatest risks lie in real-time.

Cross-Enterprise Risk Visibility and Actionable Insights
The new Digital Asset Classification and Risk Insights functionalities expand the visibility of sensitive assets and provide insights into risk exposure by:

Enabling security teams to create custom classification categories and apply labels and sub-labels to digital assets and emails based on their level of confidentiality.

Discovering sensitive information and providing users with suggested classification labels at the time of asset or email creation, or while the digital asset is in use.

Providing insights into classification and risk trends in real-time through three interactive dashboards:

Risk Insights: Key insights of increasing or decreasing risk activity, including data extraction activities, risky unauthorised attempts, and access by external users. Snapshot current risk and prevented risk regarding data extraction risk trends and geographic breakdown.

Digital Asset Classification: Breakdown of classification activities taken across the enterprise, classification activities by label, percentage of suggested classification labels accepted or ignored, and whether additional protection was applied to classified documents. 

Protection: Authorised activities and unauthorised attempts taken on digital assets by domain, classification label, and geographic location, as well as actions taken on documents (open, share, print, screenshot, protect, unprotect, etc.). 

Enforcing granular controls and reporting capabilities that align with regulations and industry standards, such as GDPR, SDAIA, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

Classification-Driven Protection and Control
The Digital Asset Classification functionality introduces new protection and control capabilities for sensitive digital assets and emails, enabling organisations to apply more protection with less friction.

Classification-driven Protection: Enforce protection policies by classification label and team, including which actions can be taken and domain controls, for scalable and easy asset protection across the enterprise.

Dynamic Watermarks: Thwart exfiltration of sensitive information with customisable watermarks, including identifiable information like name or email address.

Visual Labeling: Apply visual classification labels to inhibit unauthorised sharing and consumption of sensitive assets.

The Digital Asset Classification and Risk Insights functionalities are now available in English and Arabic on the Seclore platform. Seclore’s core data protection and control solution offering has included the new capabilities.

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