Appier integrates GenAI into its product lines

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Taipei, Taiwan: SaaS company Appier has integrated Generative AI (GenAI) technology into three major marketing capabilities across its product lines – AIXPERT, BotBonnie and AIQUA. With this integration, the company said it can leverage the GenAI technology to help businesses increase productivity and optimise marketing applications.

Advertising keywords and targeting parameters generation
Appier has integrated GenAI technology with its advertising automation platform AIXPERT. This makes it easy to timely detect keyword clusters that are most attractive to potential audiences.

Based on performance metrics and audience overlap rate prediction powered by AI, AIXPERT can sort out a top list with better result prediction, helping marketers to increase their campaign Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). With the rich domain knowledge of ChatGPT, marketers can also effectively expand the potential user base and bring their advertising results to the next level.

Intelligent conversational chatbot creation
After integrating ChatGPT into the BotBonnie conversational marketing platform, it can now automate the reply generation process and marketers can also use the command to provide rewrite suggestions and adjust the response length or tones (professional, friendly, empathetic, confident) for different situations, enabling better results from conversational commerce and customer satisfaction through this hyper-personalized engagement.

Marketing copywriting and automatic content generation
In the past, marketers had to copy-write content for marketing and engagement campaigns from scratch or create multiple versions for A/B testing to ensure results from advertising campaigns or customer engagement activities.

With the support of ChatGPT, marketers can significantly save time on idea generation and different versions of customisation, making it easy to manage different media channels.

Multi-version copy generation: AIQUA personalised marketing cloud supports the ChatGPT feature to help marketers with a diverse range of content ideas. The AI assistant can quickly create copies that support multi-languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and tones (formal, friendly, uplifting, playful, humorous) based on basic text input. With AIQUA’s one-stop communication feature, marketers can also send messages to different media channels with a single click.

Advertising copy optimisation: The integration of Appier’s Intelligent Profiling & Acquisition (IPA) solution and ChatGPT will enable brands to enhance the results of paid media ads as well.

As long as the marketer types in the actual product subject and description, the AI assistant can generate optimized marketing copies within a few seconds with different languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese) and tones (professional, witty, optimistic, tense, curious, uplifting, and informative) to catch customers’ attention as well as adapt to the platform character limits, helping marketers do more with less.

“Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our consistent focus on R&D and integration of advanced technologies at Appier. As a result, we continue to lead the AI SaaS space with cutting-edge solutions,” said Dr Chih-Han Yu, CEO and Co-Founder of Appier.

“We are confident in our ability to leverage the power of generative AI to offer the next generation of AI-powered marketing solutions while prioritizing our customers’ data privacy. This approach will allow them to adopt innovative technologies with ease and drive stronger business impact,” added Dr Han Yu.

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