VTEX, Vinculum to better customer experience in India

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New Delhi: VTEX, the NYSE-listed global enterprise digital commerce platform, announced today its strategic partnership with Vinculum, a global software company offering omnichannel retailing solutions. The partnership’s core objective is to offer businesses access to technology and services, helping them to become competitive and challenging in digital commerce.

With VTEX’s commerce platform combined with Vinculum’s expertise in helping retail businesses to easily scale, reach and delight customers, this tie-up will offer enterprise brands and retailers a unique pragmatic composability approach to modernise their stack while reducing maintenance costs.

By seamlessly integrating VTEX’s platform with Vinculum’s product syndication and order orchestration capabilities, merchants can offer their consumers a superior shopping experience that addresses all their needs.

Founded in 2007, Vinculum offers highly advanced technology solutions, enabling brands and retailers to achieve rapid business expansion. Over 1,000 brands in 30 countries are relying on Vinculum’s solutions today.

It focuses on D2C, omnichannel retailing and supply chain optimisation, automated catalogue listing, product information management, and payment reconciliation. It processes 2 million plus orders monthly and extends support to more brands every day to provide a seamless unique experience to customers.  

“We are thrilled with our integration with VTEX, a leader in digital commerce with an important global presence. This partnership will benefit many of our conjoint customers and assist them with best-in-class products catering to India, Asia Pacific and Middle East,” said Venkat Nott, Founder and CEO at Vinculum.

“Leveraging VTEX’s cutting-edge low-code and MACH technology, combined with our innovative supply chain solutions, this collaboration is set to revolutionise customer experiences, optimise digital storefronts, and streamline order management, delivering an unparalleled end-to-end journey for businesses in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape,” added Nott. 

“We are delighted to join forces with Vinculum as it signifies a major advancement in enhancing our capacities in digital commerce. Our partnership with Vinculum lies in our shared commitment to enabling consistent growth, as we believe in identifying and conquering real-time retail challenges. Together, we are poised to empower omnichannel retail businesses across our region with innovative solutions and reinforce our shared dedication to transformative growth,” said Yashdeep Vaishnav, Country Head – VTEX India.

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