IVR enabling company contact centres to enhance customer experience

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New Delhi – Bangalore: Customer experience (CX) has attained immense importance in today’s business environment. Companies are constantly in pursuit to retain their customers which makes customer experience an inseparable part of the competitive business world. C-Zentrix, a leading contact centre is using many such solutions to provide businesses effective ways to deal with customers effectively and efficiently. For this, contact centres are the most important aspect of the customer experience strategy. They bring the stability of a human connection to the ever changing world of technology.

A contact centre has several components irrespective of whether it is a vanilla contact centre or an omnichannel integrated contact centre. Intelligent call routers, smart diallers, AI driven chabot integration or multi-channel integration on Omni channel are some components to name a few. But the most important component of any contact centre is Interactive voice response (IVR).

According to Saket Setu, Co- Founder & CEO C-Zentrix, IVR is crucial for any contact centre as it helps to filter and distribute the call and manages the queue wait time.

“It also lowers the order information like package delivery details, bill amount, payment due dates, account balance etc, which can be delivered over IVR, freeing up the agent’s time. With the growing understanding of an IVR’s importance, technology has been developed to further strengthen the tool and make it more convenient for customers to use. We at C- Zentrix are in the pursuit to come up with solutions that adequately use IVR to reduce the work load of companies associated with interaction with the customers,” said Setu.

IVR has witnessed some recent advances. Speech IVR by C- Zentrix adds voice to the key based input process, bringing convenience into lengthy IVR flows. On the other hand, the soon to be launched Visual IVR by the company is conceptually similar to speech based IVR but with the addition of visual menus to enhance the experience. In this, the user interacts with a visual interface by touch or click commands on their mobile or computer screen.

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