LogMeIn’s new Bold360 platform brings Proactive AI & universal language capabilities

Bangalore: LogMeIn, Inc. today introduced the next wave of intelligent customer engagement by adding proactive AI and language features to the Bold360 platform. LogMeIn’s Bold360 helps companies build a highly personalized and relevant customer experience across the digital journey. Bold360 anticipates customer needs and promotes engagements at the right time, in the right way and in the right language. It provides companies the tools they need to create an exceptional experience for customers around the world.

“Artificial intelligence has already shown great promise in reinventing how businesses tackle customer service and support both in direct communications with the customer and in supporting agents,” said Mary Wardley, VP Customer Care and CRM – IDC. “The next evolution is proactive AI, where customers can get timely and relevant information throughout their entire journey. As companies continue to implement AI, they have a tremendous opportunity to use the technology – not just for call deflection – but instead to offer the type of concierge-level service that breeds long-term brand loyalty.”

Building on the launch of Bold360 ai earlier this year, today’s announcement reinforces LogMeIn’s commitment to helping companies reimagine how they engage with their customers in a highly-differentiated and scalable way. Proactive AI opens the door for companies to interact with prospects and existing customers in a much more personalized and intelligent way – similar to an in-person experience. It is also ready around the clock with tailored content based on customer analytics and insights so no matter when a customer is ready to connect, so is the business.

What’s New in Bold360
Proactive Engagement: Timely and relevant outreach generates meaningful experiences that establish trust and keeps customers coming back. Bold360’s Proactive AI enables companies to be there for their customers when they need them most, no matter the time of day or the channel of engagement.

Support for a Global Customer Base: Customers are less likely to buy from a company that does not support them in their native language. Bold360 offers a growing base of languages fueled by Natural Language Processing but also includes a native integration with GeoFluent by Lionbridge to make customers, agents, and bots fluent in nearly every language.

One Solution for the Entire Customer Journey: Single-purpose chatbots force companies to invest in multiple technologies, leading to a disjointed customer journey and a poor experience. From marketing, to sales, to care, Bold360 provides a single solution that delivers intelligent, proactive engagement from the first interaction all the way through customer service and support.

“Today we are bringing the personalization of an in-person customer experience to the digital world,” said Paddy Srinivasan, GM – Customer Engagement & Support Solutions, LogMeIn. “By putting everything online, we’ve lost the humanity that generally comes with a one on one engagement. Ironically, bots are going to help us bring that back. By adding proactive AI and language support, we are continuing our mission to not only help companies create connections with their customers, but do so at the right time, with the right context and in the right way.”

(Image credit – The Business Journals)

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