Clover Infotech to hire 2000 IT freshers this year

Clover Infotech

Mumbai: IT services company Clover Infotech said that it plans to hire 2000 IT freshers this year. The hiring aims to meet increasing demand from the company’s clients for trained resources skilled in digital technologies.

It plans to hire at least 1000 freshers by September 2021 and the rest before the end of this financial year.

Clover Infotech revealed that it will be hiring freshers from campuses across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCP, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, wherein it has its offices.

For its hiring plans, the Mumbai based company will undertake a structured skilling and training exercise for these freshers in varied technology areas via its academy.

Clover Academy, the company’s knowledge and training arm will provide skilling and training to IT freshers in areas of digital technologies, customer experience management solutions, data analytics, cloud, enterprise business applications and more.

The academy has been instrumental in training and skilling its workforce over the past fifteen years, especially freshers in technologies such as Java, .NET, PL-SQL for applications and across databases, middleware and OS to fulfil requirements in the technology stack.

“The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new-age technologies, according to Kunal Nagarkatti, CEO Clover Infotech.

“Our customers, which include leading BFSI companies, have increased their reliance on technology to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency, while also creating a robust technology layer,” said Nagarkatti.

“We will leverage our proven Clover Academy model to cater to our customer’s increasing demand for skilled technology professionals to augment their digital transformation strategies,” added Nagarkatti.

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