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OpenText Cybersecurity launches Carbonite backup offering in India

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Delhi: OpenText Cybersecurity today introduced its Carbonite Cloud-to-Cloud Backup in India. The solution offering enables organisations to protect business-critical data stored on third-party SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Dropbox or Box.

The company said its new backup and recovery offering is being provided through a local data centre in Mumbai to reduce latency issues while meeting data sovereignty and compliance requirements for customers in India.

According to OpenText Cybersecurity’s Regional VP of APAC, Steve Stavridis, the year 2024, so far has proven to be a turbulent year for companies in India and across the world.

“Organisations’ data privacy practices have been challenged, and in turn, we’re seeing customers demand stricter mandates on their data. This is also fuelled by the India Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 (DPDPA) where compliance is changing the way businesses store, secure and protect their data on devices, networks, cloud applications and platforms,” said Stavridis.

“Working with our network of partners, cloud-to-cloud backup enables MSPs to offer their customers the ability to backup and restore data at a local level. It ensures the end-user is mitigating data privacy concerns without latency,” added Stavridis.

Only 13% of IT professionals are aware they are responsible for backing up their data on third-party SaaS applications during cloud transformation projects. This highlights an opportunity for channel partners and cloud service providers to help their customers understand the shared responsibility model that will establish stronger data resiliency while adhering to India’s government Data Protection Policy.

Carbonite Cloud-to-Cloud Backup enables quick restoration of SaaS data, reducing the impact of data loss. Its intuitive, automated and secure SaaS backup increases cyber resilience while greatly improving recovery time objectives. MSPs will be able to provide their customers with key benefits including daily backups, unlimited storage and retention, reliable customer support, and recovery from any point in time.

The increased demand and growth have led OpenText Cybersecurity to open ten data centres worldwide including in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, South Africa United Kingdom and the United States. The investment and expansion of data centres in the APAC region are ISO 27001 certified with full redundancy (S3 to Glacier), and HIPAA and GDPR compliant, giving partners and customers the confidence their data is protected.

“With the speed in which cyberattacks and technology are evolving, businesses are relying more heavily on service providers to deliver a robust framework for their data to remain resilient. Channel partners are realising the security gap and are ensuring they are providing customers with the right measures to protect and restore their data held on third-party SaaS applications. It allows customers to maintain responsibility for their data while being compliant,” added Stavridis.