Simplifying shipment tracking process using bots

Ajay Torgal, Executive Director - ATCS

Bots are virtual assistant tool that communicates with a user through text or audio messages using Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a virtual companion, a chatbot integrates into websites, applications and instant messengers to assist businesses communicate to customers, 24/7 without requiring human involvement.

The computer program is designed in such a way to simulate a conversation with human users. A chatbot is capable of processing requests at great speed any time of day across multiple platforms, helping organizations deliver exception customer service resulting in customer loyalty.

Chatbots can be used in various platforms such as e-commerce, call centre, and internet gaming, where there exists similar patterns of questions from client users or customers that require similar responses on behalf of the client. The robotically automated question and answer conversation generated by the chat bot helps an organization reduce manual human efforts.

Challenges of the Shipment Tracking industry and the solution:
Anyone tracking shipments from multiple vendors in the industry faces major technological challenges. Many manufacturers use SAP for logistic operations where they maintain multiple logins to track shipments from different vendors. This creates redundancy of processes and unnecessary efforts.

A Bot can solve such challenges through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), fetching all the required information from the servers automatically in single process.

The Technology behind the Bot
The solution process requires backend development experts using Spring Boot to conduct server-side coding. Spring Boot Application can efficiently integrate with a Spring Ecosystem such as Spring JDBC, Spring ORM, Spring Data, and Spring Security. The user interface is developed with Angular 6, which is often adaptable by enterprises. The entire process is then automated (RPA) using Blue Prism.

The Benefit of Chatbots
Across businesses, bots are quickly emerging as a powerful tool in the IT ecosystem. Not only do bots save time and money, but they also help to increase the customer service experience, thereby increasing loyalty. Chatbots can decipher human error while answering simple questions. Bots are also being recognised for their role in driving up organisational efficiency.

(Ajay Torgal is an Executive Director – ATCS . Views expressed in this article are of the author)

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