Lenovo announces partnership with NetApp at Transform 2.0

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Mumbai: Today at Transform 2.0, Lenovo announced a series of partnerships and solutions designed for business customers that demonstrate the company’s ongoing Intelligent Transformation strategy. The strategy reflects Lenovo’s unique business perspective on how to build end-to-end solutions with smart features that transform businesses and improve the user experience.

Intelligent Transformation will reinvent and restructure entire systems of production, management, and governance worldwide. It is driven by emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, blockchain and 5G connectivity. Lenovo excels in these competencies – based in the cloud, distributed through infrastructure, including networks and delivered by devices.

Today’s announcements respond to the appetite for new devices and computers that meet the demands of customers and consumers, harnessing the potential of data, cloud computing and machine learning.

“Today, we share industry leading partnership and product announcements, reinforcing our dedication to realizing the great potential of Intelligent Transformation. From the largest portfolio of devices in the world, leadership in the data center, to the algorithm powered intelligent vertical solutions, and built on strong partnerships Lenovo has built over decades, we have the complete playbook for Intelligent Transformation. Lenovo is a business ready for the future, and we are a partner helping to drive intelligent transformation with companies globally, every single day,” said Yang Yuanqing, CEO – Lenovo.

The innovations happening at Lenovo are creating the capacity and computing power for the connections that are changing business and society.

Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG) announces strategic partnership
Lenovo’s business decisions and partnerships help improve society both today and tomorrow, with the goal of empowering its customers and partners to adapt, evolve, and navigate today’s economic conditions as they transform their businesses. Lenovo recently announced a new partnership with NetApp, the data authority for hybrid cloud. The multibillion dollar global strategic partnership will help customers modernize their IT architectures and accelerate their digital transformation. Leveraging the strengths of both companies, Lenovo and NetApp will develop and bring to market new high-performance and next generation flash storage products and solutions scaling from the edge to the core network to the cloud. The partnership includes a new joint venture in China to deliver localized solutions for the world’s fastest growing storage and data market.

“Lenovo continues to disrupt the data center market with our customer-centric solutions. Our announcement with NetApp demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best storage and data management offerings for our customers. Our legacy-free approach to developing data center products and services means we work with the best partners in the industry to provide the right technology for customers as they make their own Intelligent Transformation a reality,” said Kirk Skaugen, EVP – Lenovo & President, Data Center Group.

“Digital transformation is changing the landscape of countries, cities and enterprises. India is a strategic market for Lenovo and Transform 2.0 2018 reaffirms our commitment to the country, as a center of digitization and innovation. Through Lenovo’s differentiated approach to empower partners; they can tap new markets and unlock new opportunities,” said Vivek Sharma, Managing Director, Lenovo Data Center Group India.

The annual event brings together technology professionals, Lenovo’s latest products and insightful panels and presentations from major industry experts and influencers who are shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence and other transformative technologies.

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