Zscaler and Google

Zscalar and Google expand partnership with Zero Trust strategies

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Bengaluru: Cloud security provider Zscaler and Google have expanded their partnership to help organisations simplify and strengthen their approach to Zero Trust. The integration with Chrome Enterprise will provide hundreds of millions of enterprise users with advanced threat and data protection without the need for legacy VPNs or additional browsers.

In addition, the integration of Zscaler with Google Workspace helps prevent the exfiltration of sensitive enterprise data from apps like Gmail and Drive. The sharing of Zscaler’s rich security telemetry with Google Security Operations enables organisations to strengthen their security operations, all from the cloud. This work with Google further strengthens Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange platform.

Legacy security approaches like VPNs create a massive attack surface allowing adversaries to move laterally across networks and exfiltrate sensitive data. In fact, in the recent Zscaler ThreatLabz 2024 VPN Risk Report the research team found that 56% of organizations experienced one or more VPN-related cyberattacks in the last year and 91% of respondents expressed concerns about VPNs compromising their IT security environment.

The Google and Zscaler partnership provides enterprises with secure access to private applications without the need for remote access VPNs.

When third parties or employees use their devices (BYOD) to access corporate applications, cyber threats and data loss become a concern. Traditionally, organizations have used endpoint security agents and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) products to address this, but they are costly, complex and deliver a poor user experience. Recently, some companies have promoted purpose-built web browsers as an alternative, but installing and managing yet another browser only adds complexity and frustration for end-users and enterprises. The integrated solution from Zscaler and Google reduces VDI reliance, without forcing users to adopt a new browser.

Benefits of Google Chrome Enterprise with Zscaler Private Access
Zscaler will ingest signals from Chrome Enterprise, including device posture, user identity and device attributes. This will enable organizations to enhance their security posture, improve threat detection, and make informed access control decisions. Organisations will also be able to ensure that corporate access is limited to Chrome Enterprise browsers. This will provide employees, partners and contractors with flexibility across devices to access private applications on-premises or in the cloud, while ensuring best-in-class security and performance.

Preventing Exfiltration of Sensitive Data with Zscaler and Google Workspace
Zscaler integration with Google Workspace productivity and collaboration apps enables organizations to maintain stricter control of their sensitive emails and documents.

For example, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities help to prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data from Gmail, Google Drive, Sheets, Slides, and Docs. Tenant restrictions and granular instance controls help keep work and personal data separate with different levels of user access to personal vs work Gmail. In addition, the integration with Google Drive Labels API allows organizations to apply labels to files for classification, audit, and data protection purposes.

Granular Cloud Security Insights with Zscaler’s Security Telemetry and Google Security Operations
Zscaler integration with Google Security Operations enables organisations to more effectively detect, investigate, hunt and respond to threats. The integration provides actionable data within Google Security Operations, reducing the need to pivot across product consoles during investigations.

“We are thrilled to partner with Google to deliver a comprehensive zero trust security solution through Chrome Enterprise that enables secure access to applications without the need for VPNs or new enterprise browsers,” said Punit Minocha, EVP Business and Corporate Development – Zscaler.

“In addition, by combining Zscaler’s industry-leading Zero Trust Exchange with Google’s powerful cloud services, we are providing enterprises with seamless data protection for Google Workspace and valuable security insights from Google Security Operations,” added Minocha.

“Google has been a pioneer in enterprise zero trust access and has enabled secure access to corporate resources for Google employees around the world, without the need for VPNs,” stated Mayank Upadhyay, VP of Engineering – Google Cloud Security.

“Zscaler shares our vision for a zero trust model, and we are excited to work with them in delivering browser-based threat and data protection through Chrome Enterprise. This collaboration accelerates enterprise users’ zero trust journeys, enabling them to move away from legacy VPN approaches and embrace the future of secure access,” added Upadhyay.