Teradata Vantage comes to Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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Mumbai: Teradata Vantage – a multi-cloud analytics cloud platform from Teradata is now available on Azure – the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Vantage is Teradata’s multi-cloud data analytics platform that unifies data warehouses, data lakes and analytics into a single connected ecosystem.

The customers interested in using Vantage on Azure – can now subscribe it on Azure using a pre-existing agreement with Microsoft.

By subscribing to Vantage on Azure through the Marketplace, customers can draw down 100% of their Teradata spend against their Azure commitment.

Purchases made via Azure Marketplace also significantly help streamline billing and procurement for joint Teradata-Microsoft customers.

“We’re focused on making things easier for our customers – whether that’s helping solve their most complex data challenges at scale or simply making it quick and easy to find, buy and deploy the world’s leading platform for cloud data analytics,” said Brian Wood, Director and Cloud Advocate – Teradata.

“For companies that prefer the worldwide footprint, scalability, reliability and agility of Microsoft Azure, we now offer a one-stop shopping experience for Vantage via a pre-approved and preferred purchasing channel,” added Wood.

Through Vantage on Azure, joint Teradata-Microsoft customers can more easily perform analytics on all available data, with as much scale as needed to drive the business forward.

As Vantage is delivered as-a-service, companies can start small scale compute and storage independently, and only when needed.

The combination of pricing model flexibility with software tier choice enables Teradata’s cloud customers to match analytic features and performance with diverse business requirements.

(Image credit – Teradata)

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