Synology aims to disrupt enterprise data management in India with new DSM 7.0

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Mumbai: Taiwanese NAS appliances brand Synology aims to disrupt the enterprise data management space in India.

Synology recently unveiled its new DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.0 operating system (OS) and NAS products, catering small to mid-size businesses to large enterprises.

Synology’s DSM 7.0 OS is built to suit today’s enterprises with complex data management needs that spans across on-premise to hybrid multi-cloud storage with data security.

It enables streamlining of on-premises storage management, cloud-based monitoring and issue prevention, and native hybrid cloud storage capabilities.

Since it entered into the Indian market in 2017, Synology has expanded its market focus from consumer to small office home office (SOHO) to the mid market segment.

The reason for this segment expansion and growing acceptance of Synology in the Indian market has been it’s innovative storage and data product portfolio, which caters to both – home and business segments.

Probably, that’s the reason why Synology has been able to grow its business steadily in India against other NAS players like QNAP Systems, Netgear, Asustor and even to some extent NetApp.

“In the first half of 2019, overall we boost up a 50% plus growth, and over 80% growth of enterprise solutions in India,” said Mike Shay, India Business Head – Synology.

With an increasingly number of small and mid size enterprises and organization in India today exercising digitalization and business transactions, vendors like Synology and others could expect more demands of their storage and data management solutions.

“Synology has been managing data for more than 6 million homes and businesses worldwide, which is remarkable not only in the storage industry but also in the whole data management market,” added Shay.

Founded in 2000, the Taipei headquartered company has been around for nearly two decades now and operates across 100 plus countries. It has six subsidiaries, including in the UK, US, France, Germany, Japan and China. With over six million installations, Synology’s 70% trade comes from B2B business.

During this long existence, Synology has expanded its tech capabilities and product innovations with DiskStation, FlashStation and RackStation modules covering different areas around storage, data management and protection, and cloud.

Like Google and Amazon’s public cloud, Synology has its own public cloud service C2, offering backup data protection. The service claims to be have over 28,000 business and personal users.

In addition, company’s storage and data management solutions provides insights as well as data protection to users.

“With a proven history of transforming the way users manage data, we are committed to provide data management solutions that empower users with smart insights and cloud connectivity,” commented Shay.

DSM7.0 key features:

24/7 server monitoring and issue prevention with Active Insight
Active Insight is Synology’s first cloud-based monitoring and issue prevention service, offering:

  • Predict & prevent: proactively alerts you to anomalies in any given servers as they happen and provides detailed remediation advice, reducing risks before they lead to actual damages.
  • · Central monitoring: displays real-time and historical trends of server performance and system health of all users’ Synology NAS on a single pane of glass, allowing administrators to quickly identify bottlenecks or under-utilized assets.

Native hybrid cloud storage with Hybrid Share
Synology C2, the company’s own public cloud service, is currently protecting the backup data of more than 28,000 business and personal users.

With the new Hybrid Share, users can now use the local NAS to mount Hybrid Share to quickly expand the storage space to C2 public cloud, achieving a highly scalable, and pay as you go storage space and additionally achieve:

  • Disaster Recovery: configurations can be restored to a new NAS in minutes in the event of disaster, immediately resuming access to all shared folders on C2.
  • Multi-site file sharing: offices in different locations can connect to the same shared folders on C2, with each NAS caching only the files they need. This dramatically reduces the bandwidth and storage space required.
  • Synology Photos
  • Taking over from Photo Station and Synology Moments, Synology Photos is created to offer sleek yet highly customizable photo management experience for professionals or consumers.
  • Dynamically filter photos using multiple conditions combined (time, place, people, or even camera models)
  • Share and collect photos through any albums – with your family, colleagues, or even friends who don’t have a DSM account. Photo upload speed, covert & index speed, all become 300% faster compared to Moments
  • Enterprise product portfolio
  • High-availability: active-active dual controller UC3200 for non-disruptive iSCSI services and active-passive SA3200D for full DSM functionality.
  • High-density: 4U 60-bay HD6400 to deliver close to 1PB capacity with controlled infrastructure costs.
  • Fiber-channel SAN: support for fiber channel network cards presents SAN administrators with an appealing, cost-effective option that can be seamlessly integrated into their existing environments.

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