IceWarp launches collaboration software Deep Castle

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New Delhi: IceWarp has launched Deep Castle, an end-to-end encrypted software solution for real-time collaborative editing and video calling in beta.

IceWarp, a messaging and collaboration solutions provider has launched Deep Castle comes at a time when the world is grappling with the Covid-19 crisis and businesses and organizations are increasingly adopting the work from home (WFH) model.

While, WFH has become a reality for many industries, it does requires a safe and secure comprehensive platform/solution to carry out the same.

IceWarp’s Deep Castle Gen 1 allows user to collaborate in real-time for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with colleagues across the world. In addition, it enables all users to get access to a beta version of the new video calling feature. It further integrates video calls into Team Chats; adding WebFlow integrations with third-party services enhancing security capabilities.

  • Features of Deep Castle Gen 1:
    • · Video calling in beta
    • · Collaborative Document Editing
    • · Integrates Video-calls into Team Chats
    • · Full-text search
    • · End-to-End Encrypted

While Deep Castle Gen 1 is live now, the company said it will make Gen 2 available to its customers later this year. Gen-2 will run in a hybrid cloud arrangement for both cloud and on-premises customers.

Core services such as mail will continue running on the infrastructure of the user’s choice, IceWarp’s cloud will handle web documents and integrations with third-party services.

IceWarp’s cloud will serve as a runtime environment enabling seamless experience with zero administration overhead. Deep Castle Gen-2 will have upgraded features; TeamChat cloud-based video calls would help connect to up to 25 users at once with a provision to record the calls.

“Access to personalized video conferencing software is a necessity to work from home which is the current need-of-the-hour. However, the news of data breach through numerous video-conferencing solutions is now an everyday affair,” said Pramod Sharda, IceWarp CEO – India & Middle East.

“We at IceWarp believe in protecting our customer’s data and thus are elated to introduce Deep Castle the latest version upgrade for IceWarp with end-to-end encryption and state of art features,” added Sharda.

Further, Sharda informed that his company intend to bring in Generation 2 and Generation 3 sometime soon to add sophisticated security capabilities to the mix.

(Image credit – IceWarp)

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