HCL’s Virtual Distributed Agile framework

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Noida: HCL’s Virtual Distributed Agile framework will help organizations to drive digital transformation. The launch of HCL’s Virtual Distributed Agile framework will enable organizations to push their agile digital journeys for globally distributed teams.

The new HCL’s Virtual Distributed Agile framework launch has come at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted traditional working styles and forced organizations to operate with a largely remote workforce and partner network. This has set the stage for a future of permanent remote collaboration.

While physical proximity will either be unavailable or severely limited, the post-COVID world will still necessitate enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journeys.

HCL has hence combined its deep experience of “scaled distributed agile” in large enterprises along with remote workforce management to create the Virtual Distributed Agile framework.

HCL’s Virtual Distributed Agile framework is an industry-leading Scale Distributed Agile framework. It is capable of helping large enterprises ensure digital acceleration, even with remote enabled workforce and partner/vendor network.

It helps to deliver on all essential Distributed Agile attributes – rapid decision making, strong collaboration, close-knit and self-sufficient teams, and fast execution.

Based on the three key tenets of culture, alignment, and engineering-led execution, the Virtual Distributed Agile framework provides organizations with an experiential framework to build their virtual, distributed agile teams.

The framework defines and accounts for all key aspects including people (skill, personal well-being), process (metrics, visibility), tools (communication and collaboration), and talent (upskilling, knowledge sharing and management), enabling a seamless transition to a model suitable for the new reality.

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