Hiver launch new analytics platform, eyes helpdesk mkt

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Bangalore: Hiver launched a new analytics platform. The new analytics platform launch is part of its move to rebrand as a customer service solution targeting helpdesk market.

With this, Hiver, which has till now operated in the shared inbox space, has entered the billion-dollar helpdesk software market. This makes Hiver the first customer service solution to operate out of G Suite.

It helps teams across the organisation collaborate on shared inboxes like services@, orders@, support@.

“Though we are a fairly horizontal product, 70-80% of our customers have been leveraging Hiver for managing customer communication,” said Niraj Ranjan, CEO and Co-founder – Hiver.

“So it made sense for us to bridge the gap between how we communicate about the problem we solve and what problem the customers actually solve through the product,” added Ranjan.

The analytics platform, one of the core requirements of customer support teams, will help teams track all the key metrics to measure customer service and also enable them to build custom reports.

Hiver has over 1500 customers across the globe, including the likes of Canva,, Flexport, Capterra, Lonely Planet, and Harvard University, among others.

Most businesses using G Suite start out handling customer emails by using labels or Google Groups but run into collaboration issues as they scale, according to Ranjan.

“They are forced to move to helpdesks (which can be fairly overwhelming) for lack of a native Gmail solution. Hiver bridges this gap by offering powerful helpdesk-like capabilities right on top of Gmail,” added Ranjan.

Over 5 million businesses currently use G Suite. The helpdesk industry is projected to grow into a $11 billion market in the next two years.

The new tagline for the brand ‘The human way of doing customer service’, is part of a comprehensive rebranding exercise that underlines Hiver’s focus on customer service solutions.

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