HDFC Life serves customers with Ezra – a Google bot

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Mumbai: HDFC Life has launched Ezra – a Google bot. Ezra is the latest addition to the company’s family of digital assistants. HDFC Life aims to serve its customers using this bot while they are staying-at-home due to the pandemic situation.

The smart bot is built with cutting-edge software engineering like dynamic query processing and natural language processing to offer a human experience.

Ezra offers intelligent services like handling of dynamic queries and shares insights into policies. It can successfully answer more than 200 queries.

Customers can access Ezra through the Google Assistant-supported devices by saying “Talk to HDFC Life” followed by setting up their account through a secure authentication process.

Once the account is linked, the customer can ask various policy-related queries including requesting services such as fund statement, premium receipt, or policy soft copy.

For example, the customer can ask “Hey Google, what is my fund value?”

HDFC Life will send the requested information to the chat interface. It is a hands-free way to get information on one’s policy or request services.

“In the midst of the current pandemic, more people are readily adopting digital platforms. HDFC Life has seen high adoption of technology-based solutions by policyholders,” said Parvez Mulla, COO – HDFC Life.

“This encourages us to make our services accessible, easy to use. Ezra, a Google Assistant bot, offers intelligent and personalised query processing for policy-related questions,” added Mulla.

Amidst this global pandemic, HDFC Life has focused on offering greater convenience and comfort to customers thereby enabling them to manage their policies without having to step out of home.

Earlier in May 2020, the company launched Elsa – an Alexa bot, which is one of the solutions provided for ease of policy holders.

HDFC Life’s vision to re-imagine life insurance is based on five building blocks comprising journey simplification, partner integration, data labs, service simplification and platforms & ecosystem. Last year, HDFC Life deployed 150 bots to improve efficiency and experience.

Policy holders are also using other bots such as Elle – a website chatbot; NEO 2.0 – a Twitter bot; Captain Life – a Facebook bot and Etty – a 24-hour service bot for WhatsApp are widely used by policy holders.

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