Aii.Social – India’s first – my data my asset social network

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Mumbai: Aiisma is launching Aii.Social – India’s first ‘my data my asset’ based social platform on August 15. Aiisma is a consumer data marketplace focusing on the Indian market.

Aii.Social – a futuristic social network application is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It offers users to convert data, social engagement and brand interactions into rewards and payments whilst keeping privacy at the user’s discretion.

It’s a first platform to charge only for the real business to consumer interactions and already has over 50 brands working with it. By 2021, the platform aims to reach 5 million-plus users and plans to expand geographically to the Middle East with social commerce and games made available on the app.

In simple terms, Aii.Social help turn user data into a monetisable asset. It also the first KYC enabled social network addressing the issues of social bullying and trolling at the same time.

Users have already been earning rewards for their data over the last few weeks, but with the addition of Aii.Social users can now also interact with friends, family and the social media world.

It rewards users for their social interactions and data and tries to tackle hidden user data monetisation. But other social networks never reward the users for their data.

The platform also eliminates the problem of fake profiles and bots in the audience, paving the way for authentic digital socializing via the platforms own opinion, photo and video features. In order to redeem rewards or take advantage of promotions, users merely need to complete their KYC registration.

Brands and influencers too benefit from the unique economic incentive offered to the users. Platform’s KYC feature prevents marketing budget leaks to the tune of up to 20%.

Aiisma is also running a beta program for business, brand and influencer partners, beside the social networking being open to individual users.

For Indian startups and SMEs, Aiisma is giving early access to its adtech panel prior to its broad release in September. The commercial partners benefit from Aii.Social via increased conversion of ads to sales, fair economics, reduced ad budget leakage and pay wall features.

Specifically, influencers can now avail royalty payments for usage of their content, host in-app releases, live appearances and more.

Aiisma progressively intends to integrate more features to the platform such as AiiPay and AiiStore to make digital socialising, marketing and conversion processes seamless for users, brands and influencers.

“As technology progresses and internet of things (IoT) becomes an integral part of our daily life, there is an urgent need for consumers to take control of their data that is shared with businesses,” said Aiism founder and CEO Ankit Chaudhari.

“Their data is often utilized by several businesses for advertisements, content creation, product research, planning and much more, but no part of the resulting wealth created ever comes back as a benefit to the user,” said Chaudhari.

Data and social engagement is a large part of this wealth creation & Aii.Social will provide these opportunities to the end user. Aii.Social will also create a nationwide educational campaign around ‘My Data My Asset’ educating users about data as an asset and presenting them with an opportunity to monetize the same.

“From a business perspective, Aii.Social enables organisations to work with relevant consumer behaviours to achieve better reach and larger interactions in a hyperlocal format,” added Chaudhari.

At similar economics as before or even lower, since the KYC approach plugs bots and fake profile leakage of marketing budgets.

“We believe that this will be a significant step on the data front for both consumers and businesses whilst transitioning into the connected era,” he stated.

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