Zendesk brings new partner program

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Mumbai: Zendesk has announced a new Zendesk Partner Program to provide the skills, tools and support for Zendesk’s global ecosystem of partners.

The partner program is designed to enable partners to build an industry-leading customer experience practice and rewards them based on competencies and results with a comprehensive certification program and incentives.

Also it can be tailored to meet the needs of partner’s different business models, offering the flexibility to support partners as their businesses evolve.

The program provides significant growth opportunities for the partner ecosystem, including cloud service providers, systems integrators (SIs), value added resellers (VARs), outsourcers, consultants, developers, and IT professionals.

Whether partners are looking to earn revenue through delivery of Zendesk products and services, find new opportunities with existing clients, or deliver value-add services, the Zendesk Partner Program provides the tools and resources to open new revenue streams and grow their business.

It operates across three tiers that are organized based on the overall capabilities and contributions of partners across all types of business models

“Customer expectations are at an all time high, and we do our best work helping our customers meet their customer’s expectations when we work hand in hand with our partners. We recognize that significant evolutions are underway in the traditional partner model, and we look forward to growing our partner ecosystem and helping our partners deliver better customer experiences,” said Ricardo Moreno, VP – Worldwide Partners, Zendesk.

On the India’s software market, Zendesk’s Sandie Overtveld, VP – APAC commented that India is very competitive and key market for Zendesk with healthy growth since it was launched three years ago.

“This program is good news for the partner ecosystem, which has played a key role in our success. The launch of the Zendesk Partner Program is an ongoing commitment to our partners and customers that will build an ecosystem to ensure a more seamless transfer of knowledge and better customer experience all round,” said Overtveld.

Zendesk said its new partner program allows partners to engage in multiple business models based on their unique business strategy and skills.

Rather than limit a partner to a specific role, Zendesk’s flexible framework allows partners to refer, resell, implement, develop, integrate, or any combination of these services depending on the opportunity.

“India has emerged as a strong contender in Zendesk’s 10 fastest growing markets globally. The new Partner Program will help us strengthen our relationships with our partners in the region by facilitating the ease of exchanging skills and expertise across the table. It will also accelerate our momentum towards our goal of becoming a $1 billion company next year.”, said KT Prasad, Country Sales Director- Zendesk India.

“Partners are looking for vendors that are easy to do business with and show them the best path to profitability. Zendesk gets it, and created its new program with all the right elements that nail these two critical aspects,” said Kevin Rhone, Director of Channel Acceleration – the Enterprise Strategy Group.

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