TSAW launches its logistics service arm DRONECO

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New Delhi: Dronetech startup TSAW (Technit Space and Aero Works) today launched its logistics service arm DRONECO. The startup’s vision is to recreate the logistics ecosystem by introducing drones as a new and faster mode of transportation.

DRONECO will facilitate point-to-point drone transport supply chain logistics services with the primary goal of timely delivery of goods to customers. Backed by its parent drone manufacturing company, TSAW and its cloud-based UAV system DCIS (Drone Cloud Intelligence System), DRONECO intends to be the go-to last-mile logistics facilitator for e-commerce platforms, armed forces, medical suppliers and others.

Kishan Tiwari and Rimanshu Pandey co-founded TSAW with the ambition to bridge the gap between cultures and societies using drones.

“There has never been a better time to launch a platform like DRONECO, as India is on its way to becoming a global player in both demand and supply chain. This implies that we have a lucrative market for the application of our wide range of solution portfolios,” Kishan Tiwari, Co-Founder and CEO of TSAW commented about DRONECO’s launch.

To enable efficient logistics, TSAW has developed multiple drone models capable of carrying up to 20 kg payload to distances ranging to a maximum of 120 km and is working on drones with longer ranges and higher payload capacity to further expand the offering. It has also tied up with partners for the last-mile delivery post – a hub-to-hub delivery by drones.

Drones are increasingly being viewed as a predominant future means of transport for a wide range of supply chain applications, according to Rimanshu Pandey, TSAW Co-Founder and CTO.

“Drones are poised to provide numerous advantages over traditional vehicles, including steady and high travel speed, no reliance on the physical road network, direct travel, and no exposure to traffic and congestion. Therefore, drones are obliged to shorten shipping times and improve reliability and the responsiveness of logistics systems,” said Pandey.

“In light of ongoing urbanisation, a rapid increase in direct e-commerce deliveries, increasing spatial distribution, and levels of overcrowding, we are ecstatic and fully prepared to deliver our clients with top-notch service,” added Tiwari.

DRONECO’s delivery ecosystem will include a wide range of hardware and software technologies. Such as long-range drones, docking stations, and charging pads, and integration with software technologies such as unpiloted traffic management and drone fleet tracking systems.

Implementing existing data and information about restricted airspaces, ground topology, population density and weather, DRONECO will be able to create safe and secure drone flight paths on demand.

The logistics startup is also diligently customising its solutions to provide tailor-made short and long-term last-mile delivery services for all industries across different verticals.

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