How tech startup DhiWise enables coders to build modern apps


Mumbai: The software industry is gradually moving from waterfall to agile methodology to the latest low code / no code (LCNC) application development platforms. However, developers still have to perform monotonous and mundane tasks as part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). But this Surat city-based bootstrapped tech startup DhiWise enables coders to eliminate those time-consuming routine labour.

The mission of tech startup DhiWise is to help coders develop modern applications much faster and efficiently. DhiWise is an automated code generation platform across frameworks such as Kotlin, Node.js, Flutter, Laravel, iOS and others.

The platform offers efficient and accelerated web and mobile application development, reducing the project turnaround time by 60%.

Built on customized algorithms leveraging multiple AI technologies, DhiWise helps coders to remove all the repetitive software codes and tasks. Thus, it drives efficiency and acceleration in software development processes and saves time.

“DhiWise enables developers to build modern apps 10x faster and 20x efficiently with the automated code generation platform. It works on fast-growing frameworks like Node, Laravel, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter and React,” says Vishal Virani, Founder and CEO – DhiWise.

With many low-code no-code (LCNC) platforms in the market, it is important to understand DhiWise’ distinct features and functions. “Current tools available in the market are all no-code and low-code and do not eliminate the monotonous and mundane tasks of the development life cycle – DhiWise does,” adds Virani.

DhiWise’s role as an auto code generation platform is not to replace developers or human skills in software development. But to empower them.

“Dhiwise is here not to replace the developers. Hundreds of low-code and no-code platforms are blooming out of Silicon Valley trying to eliminate the developers from the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) directly affecting the Indian IT business,” points out Virani.

With faster and efficient software development, tech startup DhiWise can also help organizations and software companies to reduce not just time but also the overall cost in application building.

“With the help of DhiWise, we can reduce the overall SDLC cost, giving a boost to all businesses to take digital transformation journey in a shorter span but with low investment,” comments Virani.

Developers spend 50% time on rework in large projects which leads to 52% cost overrun and 56% less value than projected, as per a report from Mckinsey, Gartner and Wipro. This data does indicate how the time and cost factors impact software development projects and their value.

As an entrepreneur, Virani has prior experience in scaling bootstrapped startups. Given his past startup experience, he understands the core problems and challenges faced by the developer community.

Virani founded DhiWise in April this year with a small but experienced team of engineers and software developers.

Since the beta launch, over 16,000+ users have sign-up with DhiWise’s developer-centric ProCode (production-ready code) platform. And they have worked on 8000 plus projects, delivering more than 500,000 hours of productivity.

These stats reflect the early success this tech startup from Gujarat has gained so far.

Every year there new low-code no-code platforms enter the market. That means DhiWise is not alone here and obviously faces competition. But Virani thinks otherwise. ”There are no direct competitors in the ProCode space,” he confidently says.

“However, no low code tools like Appian, OutSystems, Retool are distant competitors and may evolve to be ProCode tools in the future,” claims Virani.

Globally, the low code / no code (LCNC) application platforms’ total addressable market (TAM) is estimated at $17 billion. Of which more than $2 billion is served available market (SAM).

Certainly, the estimated LCNC platforms market size brings more opportunities for DhiWise and other tech startups.

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