Juniper Networks’ 2021 partner program to push AI-business

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Mumbai: Juniper Networks’ 2021 partner program focuses on rewards to drive AI-business.

Juniper Networks’ 2021 partner program known as Juniper Partner Advantage (JPA) Program will be effective from January 1, 2021.

The program offers new opportunities for partners to capture business through Juniper’s AI-Driven Enterprise strategy, which will help partners gain more traction in the marketplace, the company said.

Juniper is also offering sizeable rewards to Juniper Partners who boldly invest, which will match the significant investments Juniper is making in the Juniper Partner Program and in virtual sales.

With Juniper’s deal registration for partner-led sales having grown 65% year over year, the company said it is further committed to expanded investments to help ensure this continues into 2021. Juniper investments will focus heavily on the following areas:

  • Growing profitability via partner-led business with more incentives
  • Additional Incentive Rewards
  • Growth and Partner-Led Rewards initiatives

The company has earmarked more resources to deliver increased levels of business simplicity with tools providing real-time visibility into partners’ business. It offers digital marketing capabilities and a new automated Partner Support Service Program.

Continuning the focus on AI-business, the company said that the 2021 JPA Program also combines the Mist Partner Program with JPA, offering a single program structure and governance.

Juniper Networks’ 2021 partner program also has the exclusivity element for the partners to drive AI sales under the new Partner plus programs.

These new Partner plus programs grants exclusivity, access to field readiness enablement and additional financial incentive including the Enterprise+ Partner Program developed to push and reward enterprise sale and other programs and incentives that focus on growth for partner-led AI sales.

“Juniper is excited to be in the position to deliver a bold investment in our Partner Program with more development and financial growth opportunities for Juniper Partners,” said Gordon Mackintosh, VP – Global Channel & Virtual Sales, Juniper Networks.

“We are also proud of our channel organisation’s sales alignment model, which is key in the success of our partner-led strategy,” added Mackintosh.

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