Codleo Consulting expands its footprints overseas

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New Delhi: Indian tech startup Codleo Consulting has expanded its footprints in the overseas markets of the US, Dubai, Singapore and Australia.

With its strong expertise and experience in SalesForce CRM solutions, Codleo Consulting is targeting the small and medium business (SMB) segment in these overseas markets.

“We are extremely excited and fortunate to set afoot abroad! We believe that our solutions aren’t just a big corporate deal. When you offer a great service, your customers are more likely to stick around,” said R S Maan, Founder – Codleo Consulting.

“Today startups are more aware of the importance of a Customer Success Salesforce Platform that supports artificial intelligence (AI) applies machine learning, deep learning and other techniques to solve actual problems,” added Maan.

“And that’s how we roll by approaching/targeting the mid-cap and startups with expected revenue of 40% from the international boundaries in the years to come,” continued Maan.

Since its inception in April 2019, Codleo Consulting has been introducing CRM (customer relationship management) tools from Salesforce to the SMB and enterprise markets. India is home to over 60 million SMBs, often called the economic backbone of the country.

As a Salesforce Summit Platinum partner – it believes in bringing a true enterprise solution and providing intelligent and contextual CRM solutions to more than 100 brands.

The Delhi based Codleo Consulting is a pioneer in assisting businesses in managing their services and sales team on a single-operated platform. The tech startup firmly believes that every business must have access to their customer’s data in just one click, to ease and improve the work process.

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