ZEE conducts its first Metaverse induction programme


Bangalore: Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL) today conducted its first-ever induction in a Metaverse environment. The media house welcomed over 100 campus graduates from top tech institutes across India at its Technology and Innovation Centre in Bengaluru.

Leveraging Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and relevant data models for its digital platforms, ZEE’s Technology and Innovation Centre is building the metaverse platform.

The centre by leveraging its tech infrastructure and cutting-edge tech solutions conducted the Metaverse induction programme that offered an immersive mixed reality experience to the fresh recruits.

“We are delighted to converge ZEE’s collaborative and entrepreneurial culture in the physical and digital realms through an immersive environment such as the metaverse,” said Amit Goenka, President of Digital Businesses and Platforms, ZEE.

“We aim to provide intuitive experiences across all aspects of an individual’s consumption, creation and transactional journey. And ZEE’s first-ever metaverse induction programme will not only help enhance our employee experience by boosting innovation and productivity but also our consumer experience by several notches,” added Goenka, who led this initiative.

“Our quest is to shape the next chapter of India’s Media & Entertainment Industry and the Metaverse Induction Programme is yet another major step in that direction,” said Nitin Mittal, President of Technology and Data, ZEE.

“ZEEverse, is another major stride in a string of initiatives launched by the company in recent times towards our internal digital transformation that will enable the organisation to become future-ready and win in the emerging digitalized economy,” said Animesh Kumar, President of HR and Transformation, ZEE.

“Our focus is on building a collaborative, high-capability driven environment for our tech enthusiasts, who are the innovators of tomorrow. As we reimagine the future of our workplace, we are also elevating our employee experience by adopting a new induction module that will deliver an immersive and unique on-boarding experience to our fresh batch of recruits,” added Kumar.

ZEE’s focused on offering a holistic environment to its talented workforce through the adoption of innovative technology. The company aims to enhance and widen its digital footprint, as it continues to cater to the global community and redefine the future of entertainment by leveraging technology and innovation-led strategy.

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