Video SDK from Zoom for developers to build video apps

Video SDK from Zoom

Mumbai: Zoom Video Communications, a video-first unified communications provider has released its new Video software development kit (SDK).

The Video SDK enables developers to leverage Zoom’s HD video, audio and interactive features. To build video-based applications and desktop experiences with native user interfaces.

Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform has the ability to build the reliability and scale-ready performance into their products and applications. And developers are able to leverage the Video SDK to create new experiences.

Using Video SDK, developers can drive customer engagement and provide new opportunities for revenue without being tied to the Zoom Meetings user interface.

Here are a few of the potential types of experiences that developers can build using Zoom Video SDK:

· Social: Developers can integrate Zoom’s functionality into social media applications to create reliable and engaging communications experiences. Such as on-the-go live streaming with interactive chat.
· Gaming: Using Zoom’s HD video and audio and interactive features, developers can build desktop gaming apps that offer new opportunities for audience engagement.
· Retail: Organisations can leverage Zoom’s interactive features to create unique shopping experiences that are tailored to customers and drive revenue.

Using Zoom’s Video SDK, developers can enhance their customers’ experience, creating applications and functionalities. And it helps to reduce friction in the user experience, provide opportunities for audience engagement, and improve accessibility.

Video SDK is an important component of the Zoom Developer Platform. It allows service providers and developers to build apps and integrations on Zoom’s unified communications platform. It enables video, voice, content sharing, chat and more to their applications.

  • The Zoom Developer Platform includes:
  • APIs
  • SDKs
  • Chatbots
  • Webhooks
  • Distribution for applications and integrations

The latest release includes more detailed performance analytics to give developers more insights into the apps’ performance and usage on the Zoom App Marketplace.

These include user and account level subscription counts, active user and active account metrics, API usage volumes, and more. Over the coming months, Zoom will be releasing more updates to improve application and integration discoverability.

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