Stratbeans brings a sales enablement tool for the BFSI sector

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New Delhi: Stratbeans, AI-based online learning solutions provider has introduced its advanced sales enablement tool for the BFSI sector. The tool consisting of technologies like virtual sales training, gamified onboarding activities and coaching templates.

The tool is tailored to specific business needs that connect sales and marketing, simplifies the content library and offers powerful sales metrics.

It’s main focus is to help companies boost the performance of their sales and marketing teams with a higher conversion rate and enhanced customer experience and engagement.

The BFSI industry is undergoing massive disruption, driven by regulatory changes and competitive pressures. With the advent of mobile technology, customers’ preferences and behaviour are changing. Today, digital banking applications have grabbed a large share of customer transactions.

With Stratbeans’ sales enablement tool, companies in the BFSI sector can better organise and track content, combined with a sales readiness function. This will continually equip their teams with the right training and coaching for their needs.

“We are glad to introduce an intuitive solution which is to elevate the sales capabilities of the people in the BFSI industry,” said Pradeip Agarwal, COO and Co-Founder, Stratbeans.

“For achieving the end goal and to equip the sales team with our comprehensive tool to continually drive more revenue. We are highly confident that these new-age offerings would break the boundary between coaches and experts on one hand and the sales executives on the other,” added Agarwal.

Stratbeans’ sales enablement tool that handles all processes including content management and distribution, sales and marketing performance, customer outreach, and reporting can help companies take the sales productivity and performance to the next level.

The solution employs advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, micro-learning, automation and other innovations to improve the sales performance of different organisations across different verticals.

The company has been instrumental in stimulating the sales growth of over 100 organisations across the globe.

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