QURAS – a public blockchain project’s network goes active

QURAS – a public blockchain project's network goes active

Tokyo, Japan: QURAS – a public blockchain project, specializing in privacy protection has officially launched the main network last week. Shigeki Kakutani started this project in 2017, has now become functional and active in use.

QURAS – a public blockchain project ‘s main focus is protecting the users privacy on the public blockchain. Public blockchain refers to blockchain that is open on the internet and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and others.

Blockchains are highly transparent, so any one can check transaction related information available publicly. But, this is also one of the obstacles to promoting the social implementation of blockchain.

Transactions, generally exists and conducted with confidentiality in the real world. But with blockchain being transparent, there is a risk that any third-party can identify the user’s transaction information. So practically, that makes it sufficient to confirm those transactions between the parties.

Therefore, QURAS blockchain provides multiple privacy technologies. Service providers will be able to choose those technologies and optimize the confidentiality of their services.

In QURAS, from the starting transactions of digital assets called “tokens” to the scope that can be expanded later — all remains secured and confidential.

With QURAS’ main network being operational, companies and developers can adopt this blockchain. It can enable them to expand the range of blockchain applications to fields that cannot handle public blockchain until today.

QURAS blockchain’s other feature is that it may contribute to developers’ finances through a mechanism to return the fees to service providers after transactions are active.

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