INKA Entworks to support Indian data localization laws

INKA Entworks to support Indian data localization

Mumbai: INKA Entworks will support Indian data localization compliance requirements for fintech companies.

INKA Entworks’ mobile app security solution AppSealing hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region will help fintech companies with data localization rules.

With the AppSealing hosted in AWS’ Mumbai infrastructure region, the company now offers an additional risk compliance layer and high-security protection. INKA Entworks is the holding company of AppSealing service.

Mastercard, VISA, American Express and other large companies are able to fulfil governmental requirements. But smaller companies and startups face continuous regulation requirements to protect their customer data.

AppSealing launched its India service that allows companies to meet the country’s data localization and privacy-related rules. It helps both large and small companies with the highest of industry security standards along with local regulations.

“We have discussed with multiple financial service companies and relevant regulators to understand exactly what is needed to support the existing and prospective regulations,” said James Ahn, CEO – INKA Entworks.

“And were able to build AppSealing India service, which is running on AWS in the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region. It meets current Indian-specific rules on data localization,” added Ahn.

“Financial services companies operating in India use AWS to host their mobile apps and data. The AppSealing India offering is compliant with data localization rules and PII requirements for Indian banks and financial services entities in India,” said Govindraj Basatwar, Head – Global Business, INKA Entworks.

“It securely stores mobile apps and any data within India region and does not collect any PII data. It has also received information security management certification ISO 27001/2013, ISO 27017/2015, and ISO 27018/2019 certifications,” added Basatwar.

AppSealing offers protection against existing and emerging threats through its runtime application self-protection (rasp security) technology and other security features.

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