Seemplicity and Checkmarx to secure SDLC

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Tel Aviv, Israel: Seemplicity, a risk reduction and productivity platform has partnered with Checkmarx, a developer-centric application security testing (AST) solutions provider.

The Seemplicity and Checkmarx partnership will see the Checkmarx One Platform integrated within Seemplicity’s Productivity Platform.

It will allow joint customers to simplify the entire find-to-fix lifecycle. And ultimately push the time to remediation of vulnerabilities found throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

The integration brings security findings discovered by Checkmarx into Seemplicity’s platform that provides a unified picture and workspace for risks posed to the organisation.

Seemplicity’s deduplication, prioritisation and workflow capabilities combined with Checkmarx’s context-aware correlation engine empower organisations with both the visibility and operational efficiency required to successfully drive risk down at scale.

Both managed security service providers (MSSP), as well as security teams within large enterprises, deploy the joint solution.

“We are very pleased to partner with Seemplicity, a company that demonstrates true innovation to the real challenges faced by development and security teams today,” said Mark Osmond, Checkmarx VP of Strategic Channels and Alliances.

“This partnership and the integration of our two platforms will bring the future of work to application security teams and reduce time-to-remediation for our joint partners,” added Osmond.

“Our partnership with Checkmarx is very exciting for us and stems from our shared philosophy of making work for security professionals easier, better, and more fulfilling,” said Sharon Besser, SVP of Business Development – Seemplicity.

“This integration enhances the security teams’ performance and provides a strong foundation for any enterprise to scale security functions in pace with business growth,” added Besser.

“Our partnership will let security teams feel confident that they not only are able to find all the vulnerabilities, but to get the fix done quickly and efficiently,” concluded Besser.

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