QOS Technology brings its indigenous built, affordable security solutions

Bangalore: QOS Technology has announced the launch of two indigenous built cyber range solutions Managed Incident Response (MIR) platform and Purple Range Labs.

While the MIR platform is targeted at enhancing the efficiency of security operations centers (SOC) in organizations by enriching and automating the incident response workflows.

The Purple Range Labs is a training platform on cyber attack/defense that allows organizations to increase the skills of their teams in the attacking/defensive side of their network infrastructures.

Prevention exercises allow organizations to re-evaluate their business continuity plan in the event of a cyber-attack.

QOS Technology Pvt. Ltd, was supported by the Cyber Security Center of Excellence set up by the Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka to substantially reduce the cost by less than half in comparison to international training platforms available in this space.

“Our cyber range solutions are by far one of the most cost effective solutions in the world. MIR is agile as it offers a custom built solution for most important incident response cases to each customer. It also offers value for money as it enhances the incident response procedures by moving the mundane, repeatable and critical tasks to be taken or triggered by machine learnt models.It is extensible as it supports API, SSH, STIX/TAXII and HTTPS integration with the security controls and SIEM,” said Ramandeep Singh, CEO – QOS Technology Pvt. Ltd.

“With PurpleRange Labs there are three very important differentiators. Most cyber range platforms in the market offer leaning modules for Blue Team as most Red Team scenarios are hard coded and hence delivered by the machine only. However, in our platform, in every simulation even the Red Team can keep escalating the attack vectors,” added Singh.

“This way it is a true Purple Range with learnings for both Red and Blue teams.It delivers true customization for the teams to simulate similar environments to the real infrastructure in their organizations,” added Singh.

According to Singh, this allows it to be used as the Test and Dev setup to simulate cyber scenarios similar to your own cybersecurity and data center infra. It has the module for C-Level officers also to simulate the data breach and thereafter learning the response mechanism in simulated environ.

“We have a strong roadmap to add industry specific use cases for both MIR and PurpleRange Labs. We have set up an office in USA to expand our reach,” he added.

“The Government of Karnataka is keen to leverage the state’s position as an innovation hub for India and as such we have set up initiatives in various verticals of the Information Technology field,” said Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary – Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka.

“We established the Center of Excellence in Cyber Security in as part of the Technology Innovation Strategy, to promote a conducive cyber-safe environment for industry collaboration and address the skill gaps, build awareness and facilitate innovation in this emerging technology field of cybersecurity,” commented Gupta.

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