HCL’s first Cybersecurity Fusion Centre opens in Europe

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Gothenburg, Sweden – Noida, India: HCL’s first European Cybersecurity Fusion Centre (CSFC) has opened in Gothenburg, Sweden.

HCL’s CSFC is a state-of-the-art security operation and response facility, integrating multi-domain security teams, processes and cutting-edge analytics enabling organisations to detect threats faster and resolve incidents efficiently.

The Gothenburg CSFC further strengthens HCL’s global innovation drive, adding to the cybersecurity capabilities of its existing network of five CSFC’s across North America and Asia.

The rapid shift to remote working for many organisations, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to the emergence of new threats, forcing IT teams to rewrite their security playbooks.

Leveraging HCL’s Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework, the CSFC addresses these needs through the capability to analyze millions of events per second.

“Cybersecurity is a key focus for HCL, as it plays a vital role in enabling organisations to transform in a rapidly evolving world where new-age applications, cloud and IoT are defining the future digital enterprise,” said Maninder Singh, Corporate VP – Cybersecurity Services, HCL Technologies.

“Our CSFC’s enable this by defending organisations’ digital assets and the Gothenburg Center is perfectly placed to effectively meet the most complex needs of our global customers,” added Singh.

Apart from simply monitoring and alerting, HCL’s CSFC also resolves and remediates incidents. It will help European organisations comply with local regulations concerning data sovereignty.

The Gothenburg CSFC holistically monitors IT, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and factory operational technology (OT) environments. It uses insights from multiple cyberthreat intelligence sources for proactive targeted threat hunting.

The Gothenburg CSFC will also be armed with the state-of-the-art Security Orchestration and Automation Platform (SOAR), providing high-quality cyber defence capabilities to customers.

“It’s fantastic to see a leading global technology company like HCL choosing our city as the ideal home for its top cybersecurity talent,” said Patrik Andersson, CEO, Business Region Göteborg.

“HCL’s commitment to creating more career opportunities and attracting even more skilled workers from other countries will be a major benefit to the local business community,” added Andersson.

“A strong track record of providing cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance services as HCL does is key to creating trust in times of digital servitization,” said Jan Horsager, Research Director – IDC Nordic.

“It is positive to see HCL strengthening its offering by adding regional coverage from Europe as well as expanding both security capabilities and technology innovation,” added Horsager.

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