Multi-Verse Technologies launches social media platform In:Collab

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Mumbai: Multi-Verse Technologies launched a social media platform In:Collab. It brings citizens, businesses, enterprises and government – all on a single platform to connect, communicate, discover and even transact securely via end-to-end encryption.

Multi-Verse Technologies – a part of Bangalore based datacentre and cloud services provider NxtGen Technologies has spent over 800 man-month efforts to built In:Collab platform.

According to A.S. Rajgopal, MD MultiVerse Technologies and MD, CEO – NxtGen Technologies – In:Collab platform is built with a view of media publishers and not marketers.

Unlike the big companies and social networks, which use user data as a commodity, Rajgopal said, “ In:Collab will not sell or use the user data for any analytics or influencing user behaviours.”

“The platform has three major improvements in the social media space. It offers segregated interactions based on user personas, distributed direct-to-consumer model and privacy by design,” explained Rajgopal.

Social media platform In:Collab gives users more data controls and lets them decide what data or content they like to share with like-minded people and others.

And this is done based on user’s different personas like public, personal and work (professional). The user can share content or media as per personal preferences in different personas.

Also, the apps offer two more personas – circles (communities and interest groups) and live-local (a geo-local profile to engage and collaborate with local businesses and stores).

The Circles, Public and LiveLocals are mainly designed to collaborate and boost e-commerce for local businesses and enterprises. For example, the work persona can be used by enterprises to collaborate and communicate within a workplace or employees.

Likewise, Live-Local can enable local businesses and traders to connect to local users or customers and directly transact with them. “In:Collab will monetise from enterprises and local small businesses and traders with a small monthly fee like Rs 99 for Work person or Live-Local and that’s how it will subsidize…” informed Rajgopal.

While most social media platforms are built on centralised proprietary architectures, In:Collab is built on a decentralised distributed architectures leveraging open source technologies enabling privacy by design to users. It uses exabyte scale storage and offers per user a free 5GB, 256-bit encrypted personal storage vault to store files, images and videos.

Data from Indian users will be stored in NxtGen’s datacentres located within India to protect the data locally. For users outside India, their data will be stored in their respective countries to adhere to local data protection laws, according to Rajgopal.

The platform’s security has been strengthened with global security vendors like Check Point and others OEMs. MultiVerse Technologies has a 24×7 content and application monitoring and incident response team as well.

For content moderation, the platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) tool to monitor and rate the content. Any content with a rating of 7 and above will directly get referred to a Moderation and Compliance Committer consisting of members from Indian’s media personalities and experts across domains will govern the platform’s content.

It will also have integrated AI algorithms to monitor the activity feed and will soon have fact-checkers team to authenticate content. The aim is not to curb free speech but ensure citizen awareness.

More so, the social media platform In:Collab is loaded with lightweight, device-agnostic and task-specific tools called Micro-Apps, which can be customized and modernise existing applications or develop new ones.

In:Collab is the viable safe alternative for the social citizens, for enterprises and governments. “With this system application, we look forward to all individuals sharing a safe space for collaborations, information share, community nurturing, and interactions online,” concluded Rajgopal.

The app can be downloaded from Apple’s App store and Google Play store. And is available to enterprises and businesses based on subscription plans.

  • In:Collab App Highlights
  • One account with multiple ‘Persona’
  • Free 5GB decentralized cloud vault for data storage
  • Multi-media support for optimum share and content quality
  • Ability to adapt and integrate Micro-apps
  • InfiniteVault™ for secure and seamless workplace collaborations
  • Live-local for geo-local business and purchase opportunities
  • Culture cultivation through community groups
  • integrated AI-enabled algorithms & fact-checkers tagged content for authenticity & social acceptability of news and updates
  • Direct outreach function through groups for enterprises and governments

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