Fortinet releases its new integrated OT security offerings

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Bangalore: Fortinet, a global cybersecurity provider, has announced its latest release of new, integrated operational technology (OT) security solutions and services.

The new integrated OT security offerings include FortiSwitch 424F, FortiExtender Vehicle 211F, and enhanced FortiGuard OT Security Service. The service was designed specifically to connect and protect OT environments. The new offerings are part of the Fortinet Security Fabric.

The Fortinet OT Security Platform is an integrated portfolio of cybersecurity products, solutions, and security services designed specifically for industrial networks and powered by real-time OT threat intelligence.

Because the OT Security Platform is a part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, it empowers customers with deep visibility across their entire environment and securely facilitates IT/OT convergence.

The platform offers organisations the ability to implement a zero-trust model within OT environments, including secure remote access to OT assets and systems for remote employees and contractors.

The number of industrial devices connected beyond their network boundaries is rapidly increasing, and CISOs now face skyrocketing risks across their OT environments. Fortinet found three-fourths of OT organisations reported at least one intrusion in the last year, and nearly one-third reported being victims of a ransomware attack.

To solve this challenge, organisations need an integrated security approach designed specifically for industrial solutions that enables policy enforcement across the entire attack surface, consolidates point products, and reduces operational overhead.

“We understand that OT differs significantly from traditional IT systems, and that’s why our OT Security Platform was purpose-built to provide integrated protection and risk management specific to industrial environments,” said John Maddison, CMO and EVP of Product Strategy, Fortinet.

“Rising attacks on critical infrastructure have made OT security more important than ever before. With today’s news, Fortinet continues to empower customers with the most sophisticated OT solutions and intelligence in the industry,” added Maddison.