Facial recognition systems beef security on Republic Day

facial recognition systems

New Delhi: On the eve of India’s Republic Day on 26 January, the Delhi Police reportedly have installed facial recognition systems (FRS) to beef-up security in the national capital.

Along with high-tech security measures, the Delhi Police is taking the help of sophisticated facial recognition technology for surveillance purposes.

The Delhi Police is relying on biometric-based facial recognition systems to track the movement of any terrorist and suspects during the Republic Day Parade.

The FRS will help the police to quickly identify criminals and terror suspects from its large database.

Some 30-odd facial recognition systems have been installed along with 500 CCTV cameras on the roads of Rajpath. These installed FRS and CCTV cameras are continuously being monitored from three control rooms.

If any suspect enters through the pathway of these installed systems, it will quickly alert by blinking red light.

The overall security and surveillance mechanism is enabling the police force to keep a close watch on people during the Republic Day celebrations. And in particular, those people coming for the military parade on Rajpath.

According to a Delhi Police official, these systems have been installed at 30 locations across the city including six entry points for frisking purposes.

“The FRS has a database of 50,000 suspected criminals,” the official was quoted as saying in a media report.

Along with sophisticated security and surveillance systems, the official informed that Delhi Police has deployed around 30,000 security staff.

In addition, 65 companies of paramilitary forces have been stationed to tighten the security in the city for this year’s Republic Day celebrations.

Besides, this year’s Republic Day celebrations, facial recognition technology is all set for deployment at four Indian airports by March later this year. It will enable travellers to use a face scan as their boarding pass, according to reports.

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