Cybage Software 100 Linux servers under Deep Security

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Bangalore: Cybage Software has deployed Trend Micro Deep Security software across 100 Linux servers. The security software deployment is also supporting over 1,500 kernels of Linux.

With this Cybage Software has protected its 100 Linux servers from hosting infected files. And also this has made its processes faster and more efficient.

Trend Micro Deep Security is a hybrid cloud security solution. It enables Cybage Software with comprehensive protection of its on-premises datacentres and prevents viruses, spyware, and other threats to various internal and external endpoints.

Cybage Software needed a solution that could provide end-to-end coverage for all of its 100 Linux servers and Trend Micro was able to give adequate support.

With Trend Micro Deep Security deployment, Cybage Software has been able to prevent unauthorized software changes, and stop the execution of unknown and unwanted applications. The solution also integrates well with existing applications.

The Pune based technology engineering services company follows a multi-vendor approach as part of the organisation’s IT strategy. As a result, Cybage was dealing and managing a number of stand-alone IT solutions from different vendors.

However, Trend Micro’s implementation has ensured a seamless management of IT solutions from different vendors and helped Cybage run operations smoothly. The console comes with a completely customizable dashboard that allows a single pane of glass.

“With virtual patching, we have been able to take a systematic approach to patching, scheduling it as needed and when it’s most suitable for us, rather than rushing to find a solution under the threat of an attack,” said Satish Kharat, Head – Information Systems and Security, Cybage Software.

“Trend Micro offered exhaustive coverage and comprehensive protection, making it the product of choice. Deep Security helped eliminate the operational pains and downtime of emergency patching, and reduce the risk of breach disclosure costs,” added Kharat.

“Cybage Software was looking for a solution that could not only defend against vulnerabilities of servers but also support heterogeneous environment i.e. Linux and windows,” said Vijendra Katiyar, Director – Enterprise Business, India & SAARC, Trend Micro.

“Trend Micro simplified Cybage Software’s security operations through Deep Security, which offers consolidated security controls like next-generation anti-malware capabilities, application control, log monitoring, and virtual patching which helps in addressing known and unknown vulnerabilities,” added Katiyar.

“By applying automated virtual patches to servers and applications, it shields servers until an actual patch is applied,” informed Katiyar.

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