Cloudflare One to help organisations safely use GenAI

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Mumbai: Cloudflare, a security, performance, and reliability company, said that it has extended its single-vendor SASE platform, Cloudflare One, to generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) services.

Cloudflare One for AI, a suite of Zero Trust security controls, will enable enterprises to safely and securely use the latest GenAI tools without putting intellectual property and customer data at risk.

Major companies have banned the use of popular generative AI chat apps because of sensitive data leaks, and Italy instituted a temporary ban on GenAI tools for inadequate user data protection.

AI is expected to have an enormous impact on business. But the majority of US executives surveyed are years away from implementing it; with cyber security (81%) and data privacy (78%) being the top concerns for leaders, according to a KPMG survey on GenAI.

CISOs and CIOs need to strike a balance between enabling transformative innovation through AI and still maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations. Whether it’s an employee experimenting with AI, or a company initiative, once proprietary data is exposed to AI, there is no way to reverse it.

“AI holds incredible promise, but without proper guardrails it can create significant risks for businesses. It is far too easy, by default, to upload sensitive internal or customer data to AI tools. Once the data is used for training AI, it is virtually impossible to get it out,” explained Matthew Prince, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudflare.

“Cloudflare’s Zero Trust products are the first to provide the guard rails for AI tools, so businesses can take advantage of the opportunity AI unlocks while ensuring only the data you want to expose gets shared,” added Prince.

Cloudflare One for AI provides a simple, fast, and secure way for companies to safely build using the latest generative AI technologies, without compromising security or performance. With Cloudflare One, companies can gain visibility into and measure AI tool usage, prevent data loss, and manage integrations.

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