Check Point brings network security suite with new gateways

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New Delhi: Check Point Software has announced Fast Track Network Security – a new solutions suite for enterprises spanning across branch offices to corporate data centers.

The lifecycle of a malicious attack from breach to containment averages 314 days, and costs organizations $3.9 million on average, as per 2019 IBM Cost of a Data Breach study.

Check Point Fast Track Network Security directly addresses the three main security challenges facing enterprises today: lacking a full set of security technologies to protect against advanced Gen V cyber-attacks; an inability to quickly scale up security according to business need; and complex, disjointed security management processes.

“The cost of a breach continues to rise as attackers have become more efficient, causing more damage in less time. Businesses need agile cybersecurity solutions that actively prevent breaches before they can cause disruption,” said John Grady, Senior Principal Analyst – Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

“Check Point’s continuing innovation around threat prevention and performance provides on-demand scalability, enabling enterprises to stay ahead of the attack landscape while meeting the changing needs of the business,” added Grady.

The Fast Track Network Security suite features five new Check Point Quantum Security Gateways for branch office to mid-size enterprises, and one gateway designed for Maestro Hyperscale orchestrations for large enterprises and data centers. All the gateways feature Check Point ThreatCloud and its recognized SandBlast Zero-Day Protection.

The new range starts with the 3600 gateway for branch offices, and extends to the 16000 Turbo Hyperscale gateway for enterprise data centers. All the Fast Track Network Security solutions include the latest release of Check Point’s R80 unified security software, R80.40 which has over 100 new features to extend protection, streamline processes and enhance productivity.

“The principle behind Fast Track Network Security is simple. It enables enterprises to deploy the industry’s leading threat prevention capabilities at all points of their infrastructure, and to scale security almost infinitely according to their changing business needs,” said Itai Greenberg, VP – Product Management and Product Marketing, Check Point.

“It also dramatically accelerates the efficiency of their security operations. This enables enterprises to prevent and block even the most advanced attacks, before they can disrupt business,” added Greenberg.

New higher-performance, power efficient gateways
The new Fast Track Network Security series of gateways all deliver over 2x the performance and half the energy consumption of rival high-end appliances. The range includes:

  • 3600 Quantum Security Gateway for branch offices, offers up to 1500Mbps of threat prevention performance
  • 6200 Quantum Security Gateway for small enterprises, with up to 2500Mbps
  • 6600 and 6900 Quantum Security Gateways for mid-sized enterprises, with up to 7.6 Gbps
  • 16000 Quantum Turbo Hyperscale Gateways for large enterprises with up to 17.6 Gbps

All of the gateways deliver a 100% block score for malware prevention for email and web, exploit resistance and post-infection catch rate, as seen in the NSS Labs’ recent Breach Prevention Systems (BPS) Group Test.

They also feature lightning fast SSL-encrypted traffic inspection for maximum security and are Hyperscale-ready, capable of scaling up to 1.6 Tera-bps of Threat Prevention performance. The appliances are also equipped with dual, enterprise grade SSD storage and deliver faster processing with optimal CPU utilization based on dynamic workloads technology.

R80.40 simplifies and automates security
R80 is claimed as the most advanced threat prevention and security management software for data centers, cloud, mobile, endpoint and IoT.

The newest R80.40 software release has over 100 new features, including zero-touch deployment capability that enables new security appliances to be set up and running within five minutes, and support for Check Point IoT Security which automates policy enforcement for IoT devices.

By consolidating all aspects of enterprise security environments seamlessly, R80 gives enterprises full visibility into security across their entire network fabric in a customizable visual dashboard, enabling them to manage the most complex environments easily and efficiently directly from their web browser.

Fast Track Network Security’s combination of advanced new Quantum Security GatewaysTM, Maestro Hyperscale technology and the innovations of R80.40 software gives Check Point customers the quickest route to achieving Hyperscale network security with tera-bit levels of threat prevention performance, while accelerating and simplifying management processes.

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