Check Point’s new on-device IoT security via Cymplify’s buyout

New Delhi: Check Point, has announced a new on-device IoT security via Cymplify’s buyout. Check Point has acquired Tel Aviv based startup Cymplify.

Check Point’s new IoT security is offered as consolidated IoT cybersecurity solution through an integration Check Point’s Infinity architecture.

This technology makes it possible to harden and protect any IP based smart devices against advanced zero day attacks.

“Today’s announcement represents our continuous effort to provide the best cyber security on all digital platforms,” said Dr. Dorit Dor, Check Point’s VP – Products.

“The 5th and 6th generations of cyber threats are leveraging the growing usage of new and developing platforms, including IoT devices which require extending cybersecurity solutions capabilities,” explained Dor.

“Incorporating Cymplify into Check Point’s Infinity architecture will strengthen our ability to reduce our customers’ exposure to the IoT cyber risk, and proactively tackle IoT related threats and vulnerabilities without disrupting critical operations.” concluded Dor.

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