BD Soft brings Akita – smart home IoT security device

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Mumbai: BD Soft has introduced a smart home IoT security device Akita in the Indian market. The company said, Akita will protect and provide security to all devices connected to a home based wireless network.

Mumbai based BD Software is a leading distributor to internet security technology companies in India.

Akita is built to protect user privacy, home and devices from hackers, malware, botnet attacks and cryptojacking. The device available in the Indian market at a price of Rs 9000.

The device acts as the IoT watchdog station offering protection to smart home in three easy steps – scans, blocks and notifies.

Akita uses military grade security protection retrofitted for home usage. It scans for unusual activity using a combination of behavior analysis, machine learning and threat intelligence and immediately shuts it down, without slowing user network.

In case Akita’s observes any threat then it sends messages to the user. If the user is unable to recognize it, then the user can escalate it to Akita’s experts available on a 24×7 basis.

The Akita device runs on the Akita Cloud platform and it detects security threats in real time, monitor IoT behavior (AI based) and use third-party security intelligence sources.

Akita also has a smartphone app, available for both iOS and Android. The app allows the user to manage all of Akita devices and all of other Akita protected IoT devices.

“Internet devices are a part of our everyday life, but not many understand that they are windows into our homes, allowing attackers to access every device we have and see and hear even what’s going on behind the closed doors,” said Zakir Hussain, Sales & Marketing Director – BD Soft India.

“It’s time we actually play smart with smart homes, taking security seriously, protect your home and family with Akita – the watchdog that never sleeps,” added Hussain.

Akita Cloud is the only SaaS platform that has 24×7 security operation centre for smart homes, real-time botnet and hijacking detection, according to BD Software.

Akita connected to a LAN port on the router has no access to user’s personal information. It provides a lifetime security without disrupting user’s personal privacy.

Akita comes with a continuous vulnerability monitoring feature. It also sends a weekly update on the security status of the user network and then get the Wi-Fi network fixe and secure.

With a complete DIY set up, the product is available with Amazon and leading retail stores.

(Image source – BD Soft/Akita)

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