72% of ITDM says DevOps sans IT security create risks

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Bangalore: 72% of ITDM says that the lack of security involvement in DevOps projects create cyber risks, as per a Trend Micro commissioned study.

In an effort to better understand the DevOps culture, Trend Micro commissioned an independent research specialist Vanson Bourne to poll 1,310 ITDM (IT decision-makers) in SMB and enterprise organizations across the globe about their organizational culture.

“It’s no secret that developers and security teams have a history of butting heads,” said Steve Quane, EVP – Network Defense and Hybrid Cloud Security, Trend Micro.

“We want to help businesses breakdown those barriers by providing technology and solutions that work for developers, IT and security teams. To do that best, we have to understand how the DevOps community and IT security teams collaborate – so we asked them for input directly.”

“Understanding their goals will help us continue to provide solutions that help them do their jobs with end results be more secure,” added Quane.

DevOps for 79% companies is a bigger priority today than last year. But 34% of ITDM admitted that security teams are not always consulted in project plans. This is despite the fact that 94% surveyed respondents say that they have encountered security risks when implementing projects.

Newly published commissioned research from ESG has highlighted this challenge as well.

Only 20% of cloud-native application security product purchases for DevOps projects are actually made by IT security teams, the report states.

To tackle the issue, ESG found that 68% of organizations have, or plan to have, a centralized team to handle DevOps security.

ESG’s survey found only 30% of organizations include a member of their cybersecurity team from the beginning of their software development process.

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