Technology Trends that will impact cybersecurity in 2021

Technology Trends that will impact cybersecurity in 2021

Technology Trends that will shape the cybersecurity landscape in 2021, according to Praveen Jaiswal, Co-Founder and Head – Business Development, Vehere – a cybersecurity products company.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic uptick in the use of digital technologies and has accelerated shift towards greater automation. Across the globe, industry verticals have been looking to build on their digital competence to bring greater efficiency for business continuity and ensure enterprise safety.

Digital transformation today is one of the most strategic topics in the boardroom agenda and the continuity of operations critically depends on the organisation’s digital capabilities.

The year 2021 will mark the start of a decade that will require organisations to address both digital transformation and proactively manage uncertainty.

Technology Trends that will shape the cybersecurity landscape and future of enterprise in 2021:

Reinforcing identity framework and ‘zero trust’ approach
Enterprises are compelled to foresee the traditional perimeter-focused tactics of security controls with the rapid transition to remote work environments and increased usage of cloud and collaboration tools.

A renewed ‘zero trust’ approach to identity and access management policies and incorporation of new models for cloud access and security will take the centre stage in 2021.

Strengthening AI and ML in Business Operations
Organisations are consistently exploring new innovative approaches to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations.

The introduction of intelligent automation with the integration of AI and ML in back-office processes will help businesses become more efficient and resilient while expanding their operations.

However, the enterprise will need to bolster efforts to recruit, train, and educate the workforce to ensure the quality of output and to deal with transparency, ethics, trust, and compliance concerns.

Collaborative approach to control rising cyberthreats
The growing need for cloud applications and data in the enterprise business must be secure and protected at every step.

With the increased usage, the complexities for security in cyberspace, and a marked growth in cyberattacks across industries, there will be a greater push towards information sharing and collaboration on security matters.

This will include sharing of threat intelligence and best practices to support overall defense against emerging threats.

(This article is written by Praveen Jaiswal, Co-Founder and Head – Business Development, Vehere. The views expressed in this article are of the author.)

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