Technology experts are charting an IoT road map

Technology masters across industries are mapping a cohesive roadmap for the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

Because this community of experts is not as organized as other authorities, the road map falls short of focus on customer satisfaction.

Nonetheless, all companies that make this dynamic gamut of the current tech industry are together enhancing innovation. All creative ideas have been useful in uplifting lives and giving world citizens an advanced lifestyle.

In the process of development, technology experts have charted out the following things among many others that are helping draw the best road map the industry has perhaps ever seen.

  1. Understanding shortfalls: The technology industry has often found itself in a pickle when it comes to data protection and consumer satisfaction. Companies must consider the shortcomings to address them with a long term perspective. Tech solutions affect lives in a big way and that is a risk every company takes. Therefore solutions need to be long-lasting.
  2. Research and Innovation: Staying relevant and in tune with the latest demands is one of the biggest hurdles for the tech industry. Offering not only new technology but also advanced technology is taking precedence. In this process, companies may rush product launches and services which often become redundant. Thus, prioritizing on research goes a long way in offering the best products and services.
  3. Human-centric approach: Most consumer tech companies base their plans on business and not the consumer. Since the consumer is the end-user having a human-centric approach to technology has proven to be mutually beneficial to companies and consumers. Consumers feel heard when companies offer products that are relevant to them and that add value in their lives.
  4. Get smarter: Smart technology has taken over the world and it is getting smarter by the day. Therefore, an eye into the future is something of a necessity for all tech companies. With advanced modes of communication, the world has come even closer. Tech giants are taking advantage of that and creating smarter workforce and diversifying their knowledge.
  5. Sustainability: It is the responsibility of every tech company to think of the future. Digital waste is one of the primary waste that is affecting the environment. Coming up with sustainable solutions will help the industry stay in a healthy state. The tech industry can also contribute a lions share by reforming resolutions for problems that need immediate attention.

Although the technology sector all over the world has received many critical reactions, the industry has fought back. It has clarified its stance as an innovator to the world in many ways. Often by explaining its technology and the specific domains it supports.

Even still the issue of data protection and privacy are high on the priority list. It is known that the industry can sort these issues with permanent resolution through analysis.

Technology experts have initiated conversations on diverse topics to give the future a structure. They are participating in larger discussions at the government level to map a road map that will be advantageous on a large scale.

(Kunal Hundia, Director – EVM Pvt Ltd. Views expressed in this article are of the author.)

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