Kwench Global Technologies’ PULSE bot empowers Workplace by Facebook

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Mumbai: Kwench Global Technologies, a home grown HR technology company in employee engagement space, is enabling Workplace by Facebook, measure realtime employee engagement and organization culture index by tracking and analyzing the different emotions of the employees through the PULSE bot. Kwench has developed and integrated the bot onto the Workplace platform of Facebook to drive a culture of collaboration, open communication and employee engagement.

The PULSE bot captures an employee’s mood in real time via Workchat app of Facebook and by end of the day/week/month, provides the management with statistics on the emotions of employees across 8 key dimensions that define an organization’s culture such as communication, collaboration, recognition, well being etc. This feature can help the management analyze the sentiments of its employees and make periodic interventions.

“Most of the organizations these days spend a major chunk of their earnings on employee engagement strategies and face constant pressure in retaining talent. Providing personalized services tailored for the employees’ needs and understanding the emotional quotient can act as a key differentiator. Workplace bots will overcome the common HRM one for all approach and provide a unique engagement for each employee,” said Sunder Nookala, MD and CEO – Kwench Global Technologies.

Along with the PULSE bot, Kwench has also developed several other bots for organizations using Workplace by Facebook such as the KUDOS bot for social rewards and recognition, LMS bot, a comprehensive learning management system, HELPDESK bot an AI/ML powered internal service desk for common employee tasks, SURVEY bot for periodic surveys, IDEA bot for driving innovation and ideation process, TASK bot for managing individual/team tasks. These bots are effective in automation of the mundane tasks, thereby driving performance and effectiveness in both individuals and businesses. This reduces the need for users to constantly shift to multiple traditional softwares such as human resource management (HRM) and customer relationship management (CRM).

Over the next few months, Kwench is planning to roll-out additional five more bots like MEROEIES for celebrating long service work anniversaries, birthdays etc., GAMIFY a gamification flow for driving the adoption of Workplace platform by Facebook and further enhance the employee’s engagement with Workplace. Apart from bots, Kwench provides an exciting rewards and recognition platform called Kudos to its clients, along with their corporate library called KLib.

Kwench bots are already used in 38 countries, 7 geographies by 200+ Workplace clients such as Marico, Britannia and Ginger Hotels in India, PSBank in Philippines, Stellar BPO in Australia.

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