India lead in serverless computing adoption: DigitalOcean Currents report

Bangalore: DigitalOcean, the cloud services platform designed for developers brings out key developer cloud trends through its quarterly Currents report. In the fourth edition of Currents, they asked nearly 5,000 respondents around the world for their opinions on developer technologies like containers and serverless computing, and the latest hiring trends in software development.

“Trends in the developer community move quickly. As a developer-focused company, it’s vital for us to keep up with the technologies and tools that developers and their teams are interested in, so we can help them achieve their goals. Currents is a quarterly report on developer cloud trends that we create to share our knowledge with the broader community. It gives us an opportunity to learn more about developers, the tools they use, and the challenges they face,” said Prabhakar Jayakumar, Country Director – DigitalOcean India.

The following are some key findings from the report:

· Containers are gaining momentum, with 49 percent of developers now using them. As container technology and management tools continue advancing at a rapid pace, containers are becoming a go-to tool in the developer arsenal.

· Serverless computing is in a much earlier stage of adoption, with half of developers reporting they don’t have a clear understanding of what it is. One of the biggest challenges developers report when it comes to serverless is monitoring and debugging.

· Opportunity for growth and development is the most important thing developers want in their jobs, so it’s unsurprising this is also the top reason they leave them. Companies that are deliberate about creating long-term paths for their developers are more likely to retain their technical workforce.

· Coding bootcamp participants feel more prepared for the workforce than college graduates, but employers have yet to warm up to bootcamp graduates: 48 percent have not filled any positions with a bootcamp graduate in the last few years.

The report noticed the following key trends among Indian developers:

Developers in India are slightly ahead of the pack when it comes to serverless adoption. Globally, only a third of developers have deployed applications in a serverless environment; however, 43 percent of developers based in India have done so. Of the half that do not yet have a clear understanding of serverless, 81 percent plan to do further research into the technology this year.

Employers cite “Losing top candidates to competing offers” as the biggest challenge in hiring while “creating ample opportunities for growth” and “fostering a great workplace culture” are key to retaining talent.

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