Axis Communications CTO on 5 Tech trends in 2020

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Mumbai: Axis Communications CTO Johan Paulsson shares the key five tech trends that will shape the year 2020.

Axis Communications CTO Paulsson points to Edge, Connected devices, Computing power, Regulations and Networking variety to look out in 2020.

Among the key trends according to Axis Communications CTO are Edge computing, processing power, privacy-related regulations and network diversity.

1. Computing at the ‘edge’
We see move towards more processing of data and analysis at the edge of the network.

2. Processing power in dedicated devices
Connected devices will need increased computing power. And it also needs to be designed for the specific application from the silicon up.

3. The trusted edge
Trust through the entire supply chain is becoming increasingly more vital. The edge will be the point where this trust is established.

4. Regulation of technology use cases
When it comes to the grey areas of personal privacy in technology, the industry will need to navigate the dynamic landscape of use cases and business ethics.

5. Network diversity
While, the internet and public cloud services will remain part of how we transfer, analyse and store data. Many will move towards relying on private clouds due to rising concerns of privacy issues.

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