Sustainability is beyond the environment for Fortinet

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Fortinet’s inaugural Sustainability report takes a broader view on how Sustainability is beyond the environment

Mumbai: Cybersecurity solutions provider Fortinet released its inaugural Sustainability report this week. Most sustainability reports across companies predominantly focus on the impacts on the environment and climate. But Fortinet’s report takes a different and broader view on how sustainability is beyond the environment.

Sustainability is beyond the environment

Fortinet’s first Sustainability report takes forward Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities with the inclusion of four key areas – safe internet, inclusive cybersecurity workforce, responsible business and the environment.

Safe internet

To make a safe internet, Fortinet said it is committed to advancing cybersecurity, driving digital and creating a trustworthy and safe digital world, according to the report. And for that, it is engaging with the community, and partners and delivers innovation along numerous industry associations and groups.

And contributes to standardisation and interoperability and shares actionable threat intelligence with the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Center for Cybersecurity and INTERPOL.


Fortinet is committed to environmentally responsible behaviour and approaches in its daily operations. It is reducing the products’ and solutions’ footprint and helping its broader value chain progress toward circularity.

Last year, Fortinet announced a commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030 using renewable energy, energy and carbon efficiency methodologies, and emission offset programs.

Besides, the company has introduced biodegradable packaging for the first class of products, reduction in its waste and energy consumption. With these Fortinet aims to lower the energy consumption in its new products than in the past.

Inclusive cybersecurity workforce

The report revealed that Fortinet is expanding an inclusive cybersecurity workforce that will be a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture. Fortinet hired 71.6% more women compared to 2020, as per its workforce data. And it is focusing on reducing the cybersecurity skills gap across a wide and diverse range of audiences.

Fortinet is committed to raising awareness of cybersecurity careers benefits and improving opportunities for under-represented groups, the report said. It had launched the Education Outreach program and training offered through the Fortinet Training Institute. In 2021, Fortinet pledged to train one million people globally in the next five years.

Responsible business

Fortinet’s maiden Sustainability report also emphasized responsible business with corporate governance, and ethical business practices complying with all laws as well as valuing human rights.

While Fortinet’s Board of Directors oversees and its internal cross-functional Ethics Committee reviews those responsible business practices, the company expect its employees, suppliers and partners to follow the same practices and policies as well.

More so, Fortinet has issued a dedicated human rights policy to reinforce its commitment to responsible product use and ethical business across its value chain.

“At Fortinet, we understand the importance of making sustainability integral to our business model. 2021 was the year for defining our strategy and planning the company’s journey for the medium- to long-term,” said Vishak Raman, VP – Sales for India, SAARC and Southeast Asia – Fortinet

“With our inaugural sustainability report, we aim to increase transparency on progress to date and allow our stakeholders – including customers, partners, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and communities – to better understand our corporate social responsibility approach, leading with ambition towards a more sustainable world and safer internet,” added Raman.

Going ahead, probably more companies and businesses would like to redefine their concept of sustainability, taking forward Fortinet’s approach that sustainability is beyond the environment.

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